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  1. Re: Give me one reason why Mac OS X is better than Ubuntu...

    Let me hazard an answer, try the bundle system in Chakra, you just download the bundle and click once. The application is ready for use.
    Check their site
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    [ubuntu] Re: simple?...Ubuntu......???

    +1 for Transmission. Also there are other torrent programs in Ubuntu, search torrent in Ubuntu Software Centre. You can install uTorrent in Ubuntu, but it will not be the same version as in Windows,...
  3. Re: How do I actually run MS Office once I have installed it under Wine?

    If installed under wine, the programmes are available in Dash. Just type Word or Excel in Dash and you will be pointed to MS Office Word and Excel respectively.

    IMHO installing it under...
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    Re: Live USB Boot Issue -- Encryption?

    Welcome to the Forum. My guess would be that your boot loader is installed on the USB. But we need to confirm that. There is a script here which will output all...
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    [all variants] Re: I'm totally inexperienced with Linux

    To add on to the list

    4. Power point presentations saved in post Office 2007( read Vista and Windows 7) .pptx format will be a pain to edit and view in Libreoffice/ openOffice Impress. The...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Default GRUB splash screen Ubuntu 12.04

    You can also try Grub Customizer which has a simple GUI for that. More info can be found here and here for how it works...
  7. Re: How good is Ubuntu studio for acer aspire 5755G?

    It depends on you, as @jejeman has said the Desktop Environment is different, what you are missing are the Unity trimmings, Ubuntu Studio went XFCE. I was also a Unity fan for the lenses and scopes...
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    [SOLVED] Re: App for Streaming Torrents

    Well You can try Miro. The Linux version is a powerful torrent client, a media player as well as a converter. This is something that was not there in the windows version (last time I checked). Good...
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    [ubuntu] Re: where to start

    This is something that most windows users will never believe, ubuntu is simpler to understand and use than windows. You want a text editor: on the Dash just type , if its a spreadsheet, just type...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Is there any Linux Software Equivalent to Microsoft Mathematics ??

    Another option is SMath Studio which only requires mono runtime to run.
  11. [SOLVED] Re: I need help with the installation of 32bit applications in my 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04

    For the duplicate sources list, try using chkdup from the link. I have used it several times and it works.
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    [SOLVED] Re: ZTE USB Modem - Make it work

    That usually works, another method if you have internet connection is install libqt, basically any will do libqt3 or qt4 will do and wvdial. For Safaricom beware, it removes the Sudo password prompt,...
  13. [other] Re: you cant Resize partitions on a Windows Dynamic Disk

    Had the same problem. A friend of mine bought a laptop and decided he wanted it partitioned. Used windows tools and dynamic partitions resulted. I used GNOME Disk Utility from a live USB Iso. I use...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: GPG key error when attemting to download updates

    The errors remained, decided to do a fresh install of vanilla ubuntu and customise for design. Now having issues with kxstudio archives

    Getting these errors;

    Have already tried the solutions...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: GPG key error when attemting to download updates

    Tried it but still get errors.

    Though the errors reduced some, but these wont go.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sudo apt-get update and upgrade

    Try changing the download server. It worked for me. Then update with code

    sudo apt-get update
  17. Thread: APTonCD

    by mungatsuma

    [ubuntu] Re: APTonCD

    Install hal then restart APTonCD with this command in terminal

    sudo apt-get install hal
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Help me with APTonCD. can't restore the packages

    Just install hal then restart APTonCD with this code

    sudo apt-get install hal
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    [lubuntu] Re: How do I read my .docx documents?

    Well for me if the document originates from me, I usually export it as pdf- period. Saving as .docx in both libreoffice and abiword is possible, if as has been said earlier the formatting is minimal....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Draftsight for Ubuntu does not Install.

    Thanks for the code it works like a charm.
  21. Re: Howto: offline / local dictionary the easy way

    The above configuration with localhost still works in Ubuntu Precise.

    Thanks for the tip.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Some warnings from apt

    I still get that error, what did you do to resolve it. Also compiled and installed deb packages with checkinstall.
  23. [SOLVED] Re: [SOLVED] E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeLis

    This worked like a charm on ubuntu 12.04. Thank you guys.
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    Re: fix broken flv file

    Thank you @FakeOutdoorsman. Followed your earlier post and reinstalled ffmpeg, but I still get errors when I try to convert. This is the output;

    And after that;
    So still no way forward.
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    Re: fix broken flv file

    There is a reason, to watch the said video on my home dvd player, which does not support flv videos.
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