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    [SOLVED] Re: The Linux/Flash problem

    If these videos are on youtube, you could visit this link and avoid flash altogether.
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    Re: Hold down "x" and hold your breath.

  3. Re: Gamefaqs is doing a massive video game character battle.

    Draven Draven Draven!
  4. Re: Have you purchased a Linux game lately?

    Hotline Miami, Cubemen 2 and Various stuff through TF2 if that counts.
  5. Re: Urban Terror on Ubuntu 12.04 not playing

    Have you tried running the executable that starts the game from the folder you installed it to?
  6. Re: Any new Xbox Emmulators for Linux in 2014?

    Doubt it, I knew there were a few but they were extremely buggy or only worked with a certain game.
    PS it's still 2013 :P
  7. Re: Imminent Threat - 3D Shooter Game on Ubuntu Store

    any chance for an alternative method of buying and downloading the game?
  8. [SOLVED] Python - Create a user entry box within a tkinter canvas

    Hi there,
    I am having some trouble getting a text entry box inside a canvas the code I have is currently giving me this error

    IndexError: tuple index out of range

    And the subroutine it...
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    Re: Hotline Miami and

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    Re: Hotline Miami and

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    Re: Hotline Miami and

  12. [ubuntu] Re: Chrome creates file in my home directory

    Thanks for that tip, hopefully it'll get addressed in an update.
  13. [wubi] Re: Unity keeps scrambling my icons...

    Ubuntu Tweak is probably the easiest way from what i've tried.
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    Hotline Miami and

    I bought the humble bundle 8 last week (or the week before I forgot) and only just got around to actually downloading the games. So after downloading and installing the .deb file for Hotline Miami I...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Trouble with DVD playback on 12.04

    Ok nevermind, I tried VLC and that seemed to work for me, not sure why totem wouldn't work though.
  16. [SOLVED] Trouble with DVD playback on 12.04

    Hi there I have followed some instructions on how to get dvd playback to work on ubuntu but I'm having no luck.
    I have libdvdread4 and libdvdcss2 installed and I have made sure to set my region code...
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    Re: Dual boot iOS with Ubuntu?

    I doubt it due to compatibility reasons, would require someone to create it specifically for the iPod/iPhone.
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    Re: GDM and Unity

    This was command I used to switch from gdm to lightdm but it didn't work.
    Now that I'm sure that gdm won't cause any conflicts with unity I won't have any need to change back to lightdm. thanks for...
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    GDM and Unity

    Hey there so a while ago I decided to change to gnome and ditch unity but now I've gotten rid of gnome and gone back to unity, I can't seem to switch from gdm to lightdm. it wouldn't boot to the...
  20. Re: Half-Life 2, episodes 1&2 and lost coast now on Linux!

    link isn't working D:
    in other news, this is awesome! still waiting for portal2 though
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    Re: Minecraft Error after log on..

    Could you post the error report that you get? That would help to diagnose the problem.
  22. [xfce] Re: Question about using software on USB in Linux

    pretty much the same from my experiences.
  23. Re: How to fix flash problems on web browsers such as firefox and chrome?!

    If you only use flash for youtube you could consider switching to html5 which would eliminate the need for flash to play youtube videos.
    but that simply avoids the problem instead...
  24. Re: Portal 1 and Portal 2 coming to Linux

    can't wait for portal 2. i loved the first one when i played it on my windows pc.
  25. Re: Performance issues in TF2 despite FPS

    Is this when you are playing on an online server? if so then check the ping to the server if its too high then that will cause the delay. I generally try to connect to servers that are under 100 ping...
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