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  1. [all variants] Intel 4965 refuses to connect on 12.10 but worked just fine on 11.04

    Hello, everyone,

    I've upgraded because of the endless prompts telling me that it was time to do so. Well, as a consequence of this, I've lost the ability to use Wifi on my laptop which has an...
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    Re: Ubuntu Guru Calls for Desktop Help

    Thanks ubuntu and cariboo, I will download the Lucid Lynx now.
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    Re: Ubuntu Guru Calls for Desktop Help

    How does one join this experimental testing group? I have just the computer for the job. It currently functions fine on Karmic but will be sitting idle for a while until I get a HTPC case for it.
  4. [ubuntu] Ubuntu DVD Image jigdo template is too large to be useful

    Why is the Ubuntu jigdo template file 1.2 Gb in size? By comparison Debian's jigdo template is 29 Mb in size. Surely the Ubuntu DVD isn't so terribly different? If I were to download the template...
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    Re: Ogg vorbis vs MP3?

    Is the audio in the flv already in mp3 format? In this case there will be no conversion involved for mp3 so you can expect what you got.
  6. Re: Alternative: Two Syncs (N95, Gmail, Thunderbird)

    Just wanted to report that I got this working on an N73 by doing the following:

    1. Syncing to an empty address book.
    2. Syncing to a new, empty Calendar first. Then syncing to my normal Personal...
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    Re: Command & Conquer alternative

    I don't know if it is available anywhere, but a while ago I remember someone mentioning that they played C&C (the DOS version) under Dosbox successfully. Might want to give that a try.
  8. Re: Need a favor: could anyone spare a moment to test a new program?

    So far the Power Manager Inhibit Applet has worked fine for me. Have you tried using that?
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to sync entire existing folders with Ubuntu One?

    Vincenzo: I see, thank you.

    Juan Carlos: I see. A script that automatically copies stuff to your My Files directory?
  10. [ubuntu] Is it possible to sync entire existing folders with Ubuntu One?

    It doesn't seem like I can just set it to share my ~/Documents folder, and that's a bit disappointing. That sounds like it _should_ be possible though, so I'm asking just in case it is possible.
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    Poll: Re: Will Ubuntu ever require more than one CD?

    I'm happy that they have a CD ISO. Also, I am happy that with the Windows bootloader option you can boot the LiveCD from a DVD (my laptop does not do that if I just burn the CD ISO to a DVD).
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    Re: What is your favorite 'BEEP' song?

    I just wanted to say that this is awesome! Ha ha, it's awesome.
  13. Re: My Univeristy just Ordered 50 Dell XPS M1330 with Ubuntu Pre-Installed

    That's great. I was going to warn you about the nvidia graphics, but it looks like your university made the right choice.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Screen goes white after shutdown

    Alright, I noticed that this blank white screen would show up every time I shut down, but would sometimes disappear. However, it would never appear when shutting down from recovery mode. Apparently,...
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    [ubuntu] Screen goes white after shutdown

    I have a Dell XPS M1330 with an Nvidia 8400M GS and have the proprietary drivers installed using the Restricted Drivers Manager. This is a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit.

    Sometimes when I...
  16. Re: My Univeristy just Ordered 50 Dell XPS M1330 with Ubuntu Pre-Installed

    Are these with Intel graphics or with Nvidia graphics?
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    Re: Should free software discriminate?

    Absolutely not. If I don't want to accept patches or money from George to my fork of a GPL'd program because I don't like the name George, then that's my prerogative. The important thing is that...
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    Re: How many ears does the average human have?

    As far as I know, 'average' in colloquial speech means 'typical'. Mixing colloquial terms with well-defined terms in statistics and mathematics will get results like this. Frankly, I don't know why...
  19. Re: Could Microsoft be the downfall of Linux? (Patents)

    Fortunately, even if they sue and win, other countries are sane enough to have no support for software patents.
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    Re: Advice needed on nvidia pci graphics cards!

    Sparkle produces PCI graphics cards. I'm not sure how you can get those in the US, though.
  21. Re: "In legal terms, Linux sources are like a minefield."

    Fortunately, there are still countries in the world with the sense to not support software patents.
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    Re: Just wanted to say...

    Do what I do, update every year.
  23. Thread: Stolen Items

    by argie

    Re: Stolen Items

    No phone? You can find a phone using its IMEI. Tell the police, and they can help you with getting networks to then track who uses that IMEI to connect. Of course, if the thief threw away the phone,...
  24. Re: Why are Ubuntu ridiculous names ? Jaunty Jackalope?

    I'm sorry User No. 622317, but I must disagree.
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    Re: Gnome Research - Sociological Survey

    I didn't know how to answer this, each state in India usually has a population that speaks a different mother tongue. I answered Tamil, because that's the mother tongue of people of my state. Hope...
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