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  1. [all variants] Re: can't change mac address please help !

    i am using telnet on both of my GALAXYS2 (ANDROID) and my windows 7 lappy.
    i can't seems to change it
    I have broadcom chipset in my modem > model name BCM96338 if that matter
    here is screenie of...
  2. [all variants] can't change mac address please help !

    Hey guys,

    I tried changing mac address by following command

    ifconfig br0 down hw ether Aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff:ee
    whenever i type this command it stop responding
    i can't get it up via this...
  3. Known problems on Dell N5010 running ubuntu ?

    Is there any list where i can see what is non/working on Dell 5010 ?
    Btw i want to run my hard drive in ATA mode (currently running ACHI mode in WINDOWS 7 and i can't change it without reinstalling...
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