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    [ubuntu] Re: Amarok won't play music...

    Thanks Dentog that made my Amorok work too : )
  2. Re: HowTo: Undervolt your notebook CPU for longer battery life

    Thanks a lot!
  3. Re: HowTo: Undervolt your notebook CPU for longer battery life

    I hate to sound ignorant but does this mean for 2.6.27-13-generic I will need to download the kernel source and apply a patch to it, or is the module been moved inside the kernel on the next Ubuntu...
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    [all variants] Re: Newbie Image Editing Questions

    There is a program called Phatch which designed to do these kind of repetitive tasks and its very good and very fast. the links are on the bottom right you can install the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Video Playback Flickers

    I got this from another post.

    Open up terminal by going into Applications > Accessories > Terminal

    Then type in


    and a window titled Multimedia Systems Selector will...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: How do you have your desktop environment laid out?

    I have used Mac4lin to make it look OS like, I prefer the styling of it. I have also read a lot of guides from the forums and made modifications like changing the font size down and making the...
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    [other] Re: How Many Kids Use Linux??

    I'm a nearly thirty y/o. Kid of course, I love ubuntu its getting better and better.
  8. Re: How to Compile Pidgin with Plugins from Source in Intrepid Ibex

    RE: no make file in purple-plugin_pack

    I had this same problem I typed in the command line

    sudo apt-get install pidgin-dev

    and then run the configure and make
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    Poll: Re: EPIC BATTLE ROUND 1: Pidgin vs. Empathy

    I hadn't heard of Empathy before, I've been having issues with pidgin randomly disconnecting without showing it is. I'm going to give Empathy a try. However I have been quite happy with pidgin it...
  10. [all variants] Re: [How-To]Install Dell Tweaks on your Dell (if you didnt buy a preloaded system).

    Hello Diggs808

    Thanks, I did manage to get it working but I had to type the following command first

    sudo apt-get install firmware-tools

  11. [all variants] Re: [How-To]Install Dell Tweaks on your Dell (if you didnt buy a preloaded system).

    I run the commands fine but when I try running the final comman

    yas@ladybird:~$ sudo update_firmware
    sudo: update_firmware: command not found

    any idea where I'm going wrong ?
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    Re: How-To: Disable IPV6 to speed up Internet.

    I'd just like to say thanks. My firefox was taking its time to look up web address's. I did the firefox method typed in about:config and looked for 'network.dns.disableIPv6' doubled clicked it to...
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    Re: TIP: Improve bootup speed by reprofiling bootup

    Thank you for this. Definitely made a difference on my dell laptop 6400.
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