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  1. Re: HOWTO: Series 9 Elantech Touchpad Ubuntu 12.10, Mint 14


    I have an ASUS X551CA running Mint 16, kernel version 3.11.0-12-generic, and I too have problems with my touchpad (scrolling doesn't work and the touchpad is not properly recognized).

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    [ubuntu] Re: Wrong Aspect Ratio after upgrading to 12.10

    Hi, same problem here with ATI x1200. Any help would be warmly welcomed.

    On a side note, I experienced pretty bad problems with this card before, but I managed to have a usable system at least....
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Packard Bell Dot M/A - Ubuntu 10.10 - screen scrambled

    Hi, I'm afraid you may be experiencing this bug.

    I first experienced it while testing Natty and the only thing that helped was the workaround in the bug description. Now, at least, the system is...
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