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    Re: LXDE GUI not booting in Ubuntu 14.04 server

    I've had the same problem, except running under KVM. I also installed the 'lxde' package instead of 'lxde-core'. I was planning to write up a bug report on it (haven't gotten around to it yet).
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    [ubuntu] Re: Access host OpenVPN tap0

    I haven't done it with virtual box, but I have with KVM. The trick was making a bridge with tap0. Here's the full writeup of what I did:
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    Re: KVM Memory usage

    I'm not sure why you're seeing the 4GB usage, but usually each VM will reserve the amount of memory that you set it with. If you have 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB VMs running, then you will see 7GB of ram...
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    [all variants] Re: Virtual Disk in RAM

    I *think* I tried it a while back, but it wasn't very useful as I didn't have enough RAM to make a very practicle disk image. If you've got enough RAM to make it work, and aren't worried about losing...
  5. [all variants] OpenVPN + libvirt = Segregated Network for VMs

    I just setup an experiment, and I wanted to post about it here so that anyone interested in this could see it.

    My goal was to create a network similar to the host-only networks where you can have...
  6. Re: ISO Testing (Beta 2): March 26th & 27th - Request for help

    The problems I had with the lubuntu (and kubuntu) disk encryption were not related to the problem I had getting the USB disk created. I ran into those after I switched to the "Startup Disk Creator"....
  7. Re: ISO Testing (Beta 2): March 26th & 27th - Request for help

    Right, but there are multiple daily builds in the run-up to beta 2 (or any other milestone). Is there a cumulative list of these so we could look back and see if one particular iso has had failures...
  8. Re: ISO Testing (Beta 2): March 26th & 27th - Request for help

    It was the ubuntu-alternate-amd64, but the problem turned out to be with how unetbootin made my bootable USB. When I used the official "Startup Disk Creator" the install progressed normally.
  9. Re: ISO Testing (Beta 2): March 26th & 27th - Request for help

    So is there anywhere that keeps track of what has been tested overall? Or which ones have errors that especially need testing? Or is the plan just to test every ISO every day (I mean ideally I'm...
  10. Re: ISO Testing (Beta 2): March 26th & 27th - Request for help

    Can someone explain how the beta release process works as far as which daily builds are shown on the tracker?

    I was working along, and aparently a new build came out because...
  11. Re: ISO Testing (Beta 2): March 26th & 27th - Request for help

    So I think that my problem was Unetbootin, I tried making the USB stick again with Startup Disk Creator (usb-creator-gtk) and it worked much better.
  12. Re: ISO Testing (Beta 2): March 26th & 27th - Request for help

    I'm trying to run one of the iso tests:
    and I found something that I think might be a bug, but I'm not sure...and if so I wouldn't know how to...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Backup solution for VMs running on Ubuntu KVM

    KVM Supports live migration, which may not be exactly what you want, but close.

    If you need this kind of redundancy, you could have the live-migrations of each machine always running on the...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to virtualize existing Win7 partition into an VM in 11.10?

    It *should* be possible (with kvm/libvirt) without having to resort to cloning your partition.

    I use virt-manager to create a new VM, then specify the partition that I want to use (/dev/sda3) or...
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    [kde] Re: [11.10] [amd64] Google Earth doesn't start

    Did you upgrade from 11.04->11.10 or do a clean install. I wonder if updating keeps the new multiarch stuff from taking over. Anyone know details on how the multiarch transition works?
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    [kde] Re: [11.10] [amd64] Google Earth doesn't start

    Another interesting note, I'm not able to install the package lsb-core:i386...could this be what is holding it back? I have no idea why all these dependencies aren't being automatically solved.

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    [kde] Re: [11.10] [amd64] Google Earth doesn't start

    So I tried both different methods from that page using the google-based repository (not a PPA!) and buidling the package from the make-googleearth-package utility. In both cases I end up with...
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    [kde] [11.10] [amd64] Google Earth doesn't start

    I downloaded google earth from

    Then I installed it with
    sudo dpkg -i google-earth-stable_current_amd64.deb.

    Now when I try to run it it...
  19. [all variants] Re: Using KVM and VirtualBox side by side - Tutorial

    Very clear and sane. Well done!
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 i386 server ISO to IMG conversion using QEMU

    I don't know a ton about open nebula, but does it have the ability to mount a virtual CD drive? The server ISO isn't something that you can run from (unlike the live-cd), all you can do from there...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: How can I legally use IE VPC Images in Ubuntu?

    I think its possible to install multiple versions of IE under WINE...

    I believe if you use winetricks, it goes out to the MS website and downloads the installer for you and runs it....which I...
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