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  1. [lubuntu] Re: Migrating old ubuntu 10.04 to a newer installation

    home is user data and you may move it wherever you'd like. PATH is stored in /etc/profile, it should work if you move it over but you may get a weird error or two.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Easy way to find my files.

    foremost works rather well for recovering filesystems. But that's assuming you still have the original filesystem, and it hasn't become additionally corrupted since recovery began. If all you have...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Why is 10.04 Live USB so much faster to boot than 12.04 Live USB?

    My first guess would actually be compiz / unity unless you installed gnome on the persistent file. While it seems worse with 12.10 than 12.04 I can tell you at least anecdotally that I've noticed a...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Somehow I keep messing up my installation

    Welcome to the forums, 12.04 is the long term support edition, in theory it's a little more stable than 12.10. but really it doesn't make much of a difference. The good news, is that it sounds like...
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    Re: Ban the User Above You Poetically

    There once was a poet from Japan
    who went out looking for a ban
    He found it in the forum
    due to a popular quorum
    And declared "Thank you,
    I've been banned."
  6. [ubuntu] Re: How do i install ubuntu and erase my old XP OS?

    Welcome to the forum,

    Burn a proper install cd, you can use XP for this purpose, then install from that. The partitioning process will ask you about disk structure during the install process, but...
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    Re: Ban the User Above You Poetically

    You must know haiku
    is no honest poem true
    but a ban for you.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Please help me!

    Welcome to the forums,

    Have a look here for info on tar

    For root you can do su - at the command line or sudo to execute individual...
  9. Thread: ubuntu

    by elgordodude

    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu

    If you bought a dvd and burned several then I don't think it would be corrupted disks. Have you checked the bios to make sure the external drive is a bootable device? Perhaps make USB the default...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Sharing Files With Other Users On same PC

    With chmod

    In a terminal type
    sudo chmod -R a+r /home/richard/musicdirectory/goodstuff
  11. [ubuntu] Re: How can i stop flash videos auot playing in firefox?

    flashblock is a very useful add-on and does just what you're asking for. You can still watch videos but you'll have to click on them to start.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flash drive help 12.10

    Use gparted to format the drive, it's better suited to the task. In Startup disk creator you'll need to erase the drive before formatting.
  13. Thread: Security

    by elgordodude

    [xfce] Re: Security

    Unlikely, and even if you could find them they're probably far from your legal jurisdiction. Best to change your passwords and apologize to your contacts.
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    Re: Thunderbird no menu

    They moved it, it's now the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner
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    [ubuntu] Re: Concurrent WiFi/Ethernet connection

    Go to your Network Connections page Then click Wired connection 1 -> Edit -> IPv4 Settings -> Method: Shared to other computers

    That will tell ubuntu to stop looking for an internet connection...
  16. Re: accounting software for a small hardware business

    Unfortunately no, Quickbooks is really the only reason I keep an XP box around. If you find something I'd be interested as well, intuiut seems to be lowering the bar, not raising it, but when I went...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: When adding a user, it has no shell after switching to it

    -s can be used to define a user's shell, usually /bin/bash

    sudo useradd celery -s /bin/bash
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Can't move a file from 1 folder to another

    No, this is common throughout the *nix universe including all versions of linux.

    Some other ways are to use sudo nautilus /usr/local/src to enable write permissions in a gui, or sudo mv...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Slow Internet 12.10

    These numbers are excessively high, and point to a connectivity issue with your router.

    I know the b43 is the default driver for broadcom, but how was it installed? Did you extract it from the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Files Locked... Help

    Fair enough, I'll break it down for you

    It's a terminal command, a terminal is kind of like dos, but more powerful, flexible, and well just better.

    Open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T or terminal...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Files Locked... Help

    sudo chown -R yourdrivenamehere
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    [SOLVED] Re: add-apt-repository doesn't work?

    For future reference it's better to start a new thread than try to resurrect one that's weeks old and marked solved.

    Anyway one inelegant but sure to work solution not mentioned is to use a cli...
  23. Re: Ubuntu wireless does not work. Win7 can work

    With ndiswrapper / ndisgtk extract the .inf file from the windows .exe file with archive manager than install it in ndiswrapper.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Compiz Failure

    Compiz in 12.10 has been a little intense on legacy hardware. Disabling 3D hasn't helped in my experience but you can change the desktop environment by clicking on the little ubuntu icon in the login...
  25. Re: Ubuntu wireless does not work. Win7 can work

    Sure, it points to a cheap and/or poor and/or overloaded router. That's fairly common nowadays, but there isn't much anyone can do about it. I would guess that one of two things is going on, First...
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