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    [ubuntu] Re: Ports 445, 139, 135

    These ports are Windows service ports, used on Linux for file sharing, notably Samba, and are commonly used in port scans and Windows exploits because they're left open on many Windows machines....
  2. Re: [Python 3] Having trouble stopping a process

    ^You'll be able to get the pid from "" :)
  3. Re: [Python 3] Having trouble stopping a process

    Have you tried sending a SIGKILL, SIGTERM or SIGABRT using send_signal()?

    Otherwise, use os.system to execute a process kill using any relevant command that works.
  4. Re: Problems with new Module Packages for Python

    What import function are you using? Should be something like:

    from testpackage1.test2 import test2
    Then call the function as


    Or any variation of that. Important thing...
  5. Re: Can someone point me to some Tycoon like games for Linux?

    Not really the same but you can run Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 well using Wine. Locomotion (another Chris Sawyer game similar to Transport Tycoon) also works perfectly in Wine. And yeah, there is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: xfce expansion and benefits of xfce

    Basically, Xfce is lighter and more modular than GNOME and KDE. This means that it uses less memory but also that the Xfce base is much lighter than the other two, including very few bundled...
  7. Thread: Nintendo WII

    by sub2007

    Re: Nintendo WII

    Your concerns are definitely understandable but it's still about making time to do it. Lots of people say "yeah wii Fit, it looks really fun and I'll do it every day and it will get me fit" but the...
  8. Thread: Nintendo WII

    by sub2007

    Re: Nintendo WII

    The way I see it, if you want to game then get a gaming console. If you want to exercise then go to the gym or get an exercise machine. For use as an exercise aid Wii Fit is only really about as good...
  9. [other] Re: Using two email programs (webmail and application)

    You would be able to do that with anything that provides IMAP ;)
  10. [other] Re: Using two email programs (webmail and application)

    I really like GMX. It gives you a big inbox, collects all your email accounts into one place, has a calender and POP3/IMAP/SMTP for you to collect using a program. And it doesn't ad scan your emails.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Maximum volume level on a Ceative Zen

    I'm afraid that you'll most likely have the same problem, I haven't used the Nomad but I find that the sound can be pretty quiet on the Zen. It works fine for me but I've definitely noticed that I...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Help with transfering profile in Thunderbird

    Copy the profile folder into ~/.thunderbird (~ is /home/*your username*)

    Then enter into a terminal

    thunderbird --ProfileManager

    You only need to run it from Terminal that one time unless...
  13. [kubuntu] Re: KDE linux software may run on GNOME Linux and vice versa ?

    KDE packages sometimes don't make icons in the menu. Try typing into a terminal the name of the package (so type "kdevelop" or "quanta" and see if it is able to run).
  14. Re: Why Ubuntu, and not some other distribution of Linux?

    How would you set up Arch if you don't want to use a CLI package manager? Considering that with Arch you have to build up the entire system up from a terminal and in the process you actually have to...
  15. [kubuntu] Re: KDE linux software may run on GNOME Linux and vice versa ?

    You should be able to run KDevelop and Quanta Plus without installing the whole of KDE into your current install of Ubuntu. Just enter into a terminal window:

    sudo apt-get install kdevelop quanta...
  16. [kubuntu] Re: KDE linux software may run on GNOME Linux and vice versa ?

    You put those into a terminal window. After you do it you will need to enter your password. You can also do it in a Synaptic Package Manager window (leave out the sudo apt-get install part) if you...
  17. [kubuntu] Re: KDE linux software may run on GNOME Linux and vice versa ?

    Yup that's correct. Just install what you want through the repositories and it will install the relevent KDE libraries.

    The main drawback is that the applications are not GTK integrated - they use...
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    Re: Running as Root

    This is nothing to do with choice. Ubuntu comes with sudo and does nothing to block you enabling a root account on your own box. All the announcement does is encourage the people you are helping to...
  19. Re: Why Ubuntu, and not some other distribution of Linux?

    Arch is not supposedly simple, it is simple. Ubuntu and Arch are both simple and handily the Oxford dictionary gives two definitions: firstly "easily understood or done" and secondly "plain and...
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    Re: Is Ubuntu following in microsofts footprints?

    Win2k was technically not a sucessor to Windows 98, it was a sucessor to Windows NT 4.0 and was significantly heavier than NT 4.0. NT and 9x systems were essentially two completely different systems...
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    [ubuntu] Re: burning gamecube games

    As I understand it, for a Wii to play a Wii or Gamecube disk then it must have a code written into a special area on the disk that normal DVD burners do not write to. You would have to use a...
  22. Thread: mp3gain

    by sub2007

    [ubuntu] Re: mp3gain

    MP3Gain on Linux is CLI only. If you want a GUI then you can use EasyMP3Gain: (there is a .deb package).
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    [all variants] Re: How safe is Evolution Mail?

    A lot of these are proof of concept things (or "good" finding) rather than actual threats. For malware writers to distribute that flaw they would have to find enough people who actually use Evolution...
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    [all variants] Re: the macintosh Finder application

    In Linux nearly everything goes into /usr/bin, with launchers created in /usr/share/applications (although there are some anomalies).

    Programs like Tracker and Beagle can launch programs just by...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Do gnome themes work on xubuntu?

    GTK 2.x themes work on Xfce and there are some good ones available. I have trouble getting GNOME .theme files working (I don't know if they are officially supported).

    To install a theme in Xfce...
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