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    Re: Trying to play Diablo iii PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Soran, I also have Diii and found on the WineHq appdb that basically Diii needs to be copied over from a windows install, then add a command for /launcher in the shortcut and you should be ok. But...
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    [ubuntu] Re: New to ubuntu/linux

    Wow jd, he wasn't attacking you. Relax he was just stating forum rules. ):P

    Ask your questions, we are all happy to help out new users to linux. There are many resources freely downloadable for...
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    Re: Wireless disabled by hardware switch

    Uncheck "AutoEth0"
  4. Re: Can anyone suggest a good series to watch?

    Once Upon a Time, Grimm...Grimm is great
  5. [xubuntu] Re: Upgraded to 12.04 and now my Dell won't boot

    So far, knock on wood, I did the upgrade from 11.10 last night. Only had ATI drivers and Wine installed previously. This was a new install. Have not had chance to poke around yet, but looks like this...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Can't install anything on 11.10 now... :(

    Thank you from me also. Nice info for future use :-)
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Can't install anything on 11.10 now... :(

    I had the same problem. Someone on these forums pointed me to a command that fixes apt. Can't remember when or who. Sorry.
    Maybe search for "apt fix" or something like that on google
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    Re: HoN Players Unite!

    Yeah I play. Torgas Prim.
    They can vote you out of the game, yes.
    Happened to me causeImsuch a n00b still :confused:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Intel GMA hardware compatibility

    Best option is to look up your model and manufacturer here:
    and use the distro that has been found to work best on it.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Prefix not set error in Ubuntu 11.10

    Try not selecting anything and let the live cd boot on it's own to the desktop.
  11. Re: Maybe I'm dense, but what's so bad about Gnome3?

    I flew all the way to...openSuse :-)
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    Re: Windows 8 Customer Preview

    Why does W8 have to look like an over-sized cellphone screen?
    I want my computer to look and act different for a REASON! In the near future, all OSs are going to be the apps and...
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    Dell Poweredge Servers

    Hi All,
    I have 5 Dell rackmount Poweredge servers that I need to move out.
    1-6450, and 4-2450s. All dual Xeons, full memory and all hard drives. These were working pulls I have aquired from an IT...
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    Re: What's the nerdiest joke you know?

    "Why is there Whiteout all over your monitor?"

    "My clear ribbon is not working...."
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Newbie Questions Involving Software and Interface

    I had this problem when I used 11.10 and I changed from Unity to Gnome DE. Once I switched back my persmissions worked fine again and I was able to install updates and even get Wine updates again.
  16. [lubuntu] Re: Just burnt Live CD and go to command prompt..

    I have run into this before. Just don't choose and let the system load on it's own. The default is to load to a desktop to try
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I bought a new hard drive and installed Linux Mint Katya, and now have installed Unbuntu 11.10 64bit on it. My win7 hard drive is sealed in a bag and put away. I cannot see why I would go back to...
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    Re: Things that you hate in Ubuntu

    Only two things really bother me...

    Video card support and Sound support
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    Re: Windows 7? Nah.

    Just hit the Pearl and type what you update for Windows Update, Perf for performance options, msconfig and hit enter viola!....etc etc.

    Easier than you think to use ;)

    For my games,...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless not working unless Broadcom STA driver is deactivated reactivated

    Bah, it worked...I hate

    Thanks a bunch!
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Broadcom Corporation BCM43XX problem has been solved!

    Thank you I will try that
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless not working unless Broadcom STA driver is deactivated reactivated

    I have been following this thread's suggestions and am at the dmesg command:
    I mistakenly hit No I think when enabling the driver during a fresh install of ubuntu, to allow the firmware to install...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Broadcom Corporation BCM43XX problem has been solved!

    I get this message:
    Couldn't find package bcmwl-kernel-source

    The package got broken installing fresh copy of 8.04 and
    after reconfiguring my package manager it will not enable the wireless now....
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    Re: wow crashed before running

    I would follow the WoWWiki
  25. Re: What games would you like to see native for linux?

    WoW, Guild Wars, and Guild Wars2
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