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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Well, I've been coming here a bit, but never formally introduced myself. I'm a lazy linux enthusiast, not quite addicted. I am addicted to guitar playing and cigarettes (the latter: je quitte...
  2. [ubuntu] not really a beginner but i am when it comes to IRC

    Is IRC really useful? I can never really remember the commands because I never used it enough for them to sink in. I think I never really used it much because of it's apparent marginal utility. I...
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    [ubuntu] Looking for a good flatbed scanner....

    Would like a good flatbed, stand-alone scanner that works with Jaunty. Any recommendations?
  4. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] tuxguitar: not producing sounds when i click play

    Hi, I'm running jaunty with gnome and I've got all the media codecs for multimedia. I just installed tuxguitar and I can't get the program to play sound. I haven't created anything, but when I try to...
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    [all variants] Re: Kinesis foot pedal delayed input

    Hi Drbusch,

    I've been wanting to get foot pedals (or pedal) as well. I was scared off by the products' disclaimers. Although I can't help you with your current hardware, there is at least one...
  6. [ubuntu] help - my usb mounts twice when i copy from cli

    I know I'm doing something stupid or something, but I just can't figure out how why this is happening. when i copy a file from the command line to my usb memory stick, it mounts the device again, so...
  7. [kubuntu] Re: trying to recover corrupted ext3 file system

    thankyou bodi for that suggestion

    could anyone suggest a good tutorial on livecd system recovery. Also, I've been using Feisty, which is now unmaintained - will I have problems with my wireless...
  8. [kubuntu] trying to recover corrupted ext3 file system

    Hello all,

    I had an accidental "cold" shutdown and could not boot again after that. I am trying to follow a tutorial about disk recovery. So far, I've booted into recovery mode as root, but when i...
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    [all variants] BUMP-netgear WPN111NAR RangeMax usb wifi

    anybody? Beuller??
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    [all variants] netgear WPN111NAR RangeMax usb wifi

    Hi, I'm looking to buy Netgear WPN111NAR RangeMax - searched forums and Goog but couldnt find if the usb wireless ethernet works. Anybody have any experience with this. FYI: it is going for around 15...
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