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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Increasing the size of my dual-booted partition?

    Hello There !!

    If you check the last command result from fdisk -l dev/sda ;

    There is very first result which mentioned Boot partition "*" ; which is dev/sda1

    So that should be your windows...
  2. Re: Cannot install updates, the Package system is broken?

    Hello my friend..

    It looks like the screenshot does not get attached properly over here...

    Please try one more time to take screenshot and attached to the thread..

  3. Replies

    Re: HowTO: Sudoers Configuration

    Really well writte...Many thanks to author...Cheers
  4. [ubuntu] HARDDRIVE PROBLEM only 5 GB partition ...PLEASE HELP

    Hi All !

    I hope all are doing great . I have a HP laptop with 325 gb hard drive . Now i allocate one partition from my C: drive through shrink facility of my Operating system but it...
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