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    Re: How many here have stopped distro hopping?

    I don't distro hop a lot but I think its very very informative if you are into computers and such. If you're not, its kind of a pointless exercise. I love how Ubuntu LTS works great out of the box...
  2. Re: How to mount encrypted /home partition with / partition is borked?

    No I didn't change the login password. I'm not sure what the cause of the error was. I know prior to this I updated the kernel however if that truly is the cause of the error I don't know. The...
  3. Re: How to mount encrypted /home partition with / partition is borked?

    Ok -- Phew -- huge save.

    Just some notes in case this happens to someone else.

    Using any linux distro - (Ubuntu Live CD is probably the easiest since it has the required packages, however...
  4. Re: How to mount encrypted /home partition with / partition is borked?

    I take it that is the 32 digit alphanumeric password correct?

    [kevdog@MacArch sdb3]$ sudo ecryptfs-recover-private .
    INFO: Found [.].
    Try to recover this directory? [Y/n]: y
    INFO: Could not...
  5. How to mount encrypted /home partition with / partition is borked?

    I currently Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed. I partitioned my hard drive when I installed as /boot, /, /home and /swap. The /home partition was set to be encrypted by the installer. Somehow I've now...
  6. Re: Compiling from the sources VS installing from a Personal Package Archive?

    Honestly I think learning how to compile a program from source and stepping through having to shag down various developmental libraries is actually a very good exercise into learning how things work...
  7. Re: My experience with arch and my comeback to ubuntu

    I don't know -- I understand what you are saying. I've installed Arch like on 3 different computers. It's been a process. The base system if you read the wiki is easy to get up and running. And...
  8. Re: What can we do to get ubuntu to all people, all computers, all devices in the wor

    The OP needs to calm down. Do you really want every computer to run Ubuntu in the world? What about freedom and choice?? Try some other Linux distributions first and then come back to get your head...
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    Re: An alternative solution for SSH attacks

    Honestly the discussion about port knockers -- although it makes sense about some implementations -- it doesn't hold for all. Your talking about a replayable packet sequence. Many port knockers use...
  10. Re: The NEWEST of the new to Linux / Ubuntu - complete newbie

    Good luck to you man -- yes I suppose I was in your shoes one day -- I had to be -- it has been so long that I can't remember. My only advice is to keep having fun and don't be afraid to read a lot...
  11. Re: Can we stop sudo gedit recommendations?

    Sorry for thread hijack -- however I wasn't aware sudo was going away, nor did I realize gksu wasn't installed by default. Man -- am I behind the times!! When did this happen?
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    Re: How do I remove GRUB?

    Which bootloader are you using? I guess I'm really just confused about your setup. Grub is usually installed under the /boot directory or /boot partition of the Ubuntu install, however I don't...
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    Re: OpenVPN Connected- No Internet nor LAN

    kernel forwarding is setup? You're local IP range outside the VPN range is 192.168.2.x?
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    Re: OpenVPN Connected- No Internet nor LAN

    Do you wanted a bridged or routed VPN -- your setup is for routed VPN.

    Are your sure this line is correct: push "route"

    Did you set up your firewall or kernel to allow...
  15. Re: Packages - "Bleeding Edge Software" vs. Stability/Security, mindset of a Linux us

    If you want to run a distro with a rolling release with the most recent updates than can be offered via a package manager rather than by source -- just run Arch. There are not quite as many packages...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How can I have multiple os, like this?

    Too bad such a tool couldn't be available for MacPlatforms!!!
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    Re: Virtual encryption fs

    So its not really encrypted but if somebody reads the data it looks to be encrypted? That's kind of silly. So it's like psuedo-secure. What do you mean read encrypted? What would be reading it. ...
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    Re: any experience building a FVWM "desktop"?

    Nice video above showing some of the basic things about the window manager. Don't know too much about fvwm, although I've used openbox, fluxbox, and enlightenment before. Wish the enlightenment...
  19. Thread: Retirement Woes

    by kevdog

    Re: Retirement Woes

    It's nice you actually posted this here in the forums since such topics are usually not discussed. I suspect what happened, was that the guy promised you everything, but didn't send your financial...
  20. Re: How to have system email me if no data is written to a specific dir in x-time fra

    I'd set up a cron job that references a particular script. With cron you could make the script run on whatever time interval you wanted -- every ten minutes, not a problem.

    Within the script...
  21. Re: Moving Ubuntu Partition To Another Computer

    It's totally possible to do this. In fact creating the partitions on the winxp side and moving the data over is very easy. You could go Clonezilla, but it would be easier if you could like plug in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Looking to build low power Ubuntu home server

    I appreciate your endeavor here, however just to simply things -- don't you have access to some old desktop system that could function as your server -- or are you limited by size and space of the...
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    Re: How to secure Ubuntu?

    I definitely start with setting up a firewall first prior to jumping into AppArmor -- which is very complicated. If you don't plan on running any server applications, you might not even need a...
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    Re: How to increase my parition?

    Partitions can't be mounted when you resize them, so hence you can't use the /dev/sda1 partition when you are trying to resize it. Please back up everything prior to do this. Honestly what I found...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Adding extra commands to rsync

    Ok -- I'm no rsync export -- but its funny. I just wrote a script that would run rsync but would globally skip all Cache directories or files with cache or Cache in the name.

    I first ran a...
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