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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.10 on Dell Studio 1558 (Fan problem)

    same issue on my 1558.
    Just made a fresh install on oneiric, i don't remember this happening back on Lucid Lynx.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't Shutdown

    Solved the problem. There was missing the link to the system function halt in the folder /etc/rc0.d. That's why it just hanged.
    I copied the link from a live cd to my ubuntu partition, and it worked...
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED]Can't Shutdown

    Hi everyone!. I'm having a problem shutingdown my ubuntu 9.10.
    When I shutdown, it hangs after "Deactivating swap". It doesn't say fail or ok, just hangs there. Keyboard is still working.
    Hope you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Webcam Microdia dc31vc

    Thanks for the answer. I tried it and it worked, thanks.
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Webcam Microdia dc31vc

    Hi everyone!.
    I have a dual mode 8000 VGA camera (i know it's old bt i do not want to buy a new one), it works perfectly on windows, but i can't make it work in ubuntu.
    I plug it in, open skype,...
  6. [all variants] Re: fglrx + AGP varient of Radeon HD 2600 = ??

    Hi, i have a AGP Radeon HD 2600 Pro. I'm using fglrx drivers, i've tried to use other drivers, but in my opinion, the best is fglrx. I know it has a lot of bugs (slows boot up, can't switch user, and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual Screen and RAM

    You need to enable dual-screen support on your ati.
    For that write in terminal:

    sudo aticonfig --xinerama=on

    I think it was like that, I do not remember clearly right now. If it didn't...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Creating new files in new hard drive

    As Chronon said you need to use chmod, here's a link that explains how to use it:

    Good Luck!
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Need My Screen Resolution 1024x768 (Help)

    Maybe you have a problem with your video driver.
    What video card do you have??
  10. [ubuntu] Re: How to adjust GPU and graphic memory frequency?

    Hi!. Have you tried to use aticonfig to set new clocks?.
    Here's how I've changed my ATI HD 2600 from 600 to 650 GPU frequency.

    First of all, you must enable Ati Overdrive feature writing the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sound Issues with ALSA/Intel/Stupidity

    Why don't you try to install the latest ALSA drivers. It worked for me when jaunty didn't recognize my sound card.

    I have at home another...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Need My Screen Resolution 1024x768 (Help)

    Hi!. Have you tried to edit xorg.conf file?? I had a similar problem once.
    Here's what I did:

    $ sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

    Search the section Screen. Under Subsection Display add this:
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Attempting to install latest v9.1 ATI drivers

    Hi!. I've tried to do that in terminal and the result is the following:

    atiode -P60 -H localhost:0; echo $?

    I've been searching in google, and everyone has the same result.
    I do not...
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    [ubuntu] Search Files in Terminal

    Hi, i need to do the following:
    by using one command line in the terminal i need to get a list of all the files with read, write and excecute permissions for all users.
    I believe i have to use...
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    Re: Urban Terror is slow (low fps)

    Nikau, I have a similar problem with my ATI Radeon 2600.
    Here's some information about my pc

    cat /proc/cpuinfo
    vendor_id : GenuineIntel
    cpu family : 15
    model : 2
    model name : Intel(R)...
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