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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Latest Kernel Update (3.5.0-26) Freezes Intel GPU

    A small update, the Apport problem mentioned in this thread may have been fixed in an updated xdiagnose package that hit the mirrors today.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Latest Kernel Update (3.5.0-26) Freezes Intel GPU

    phillipblake: You're welcome. Now, should you indeed find that 3.5.0-25 works just as well for you as it does for me (i.e., no GPU hangs), you can get rid of the annoying error messages by disabling...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Toshiba Satellite L750-1GN brightness problem

    MadLuke, there is something wrong with the ACPI driver or it's missing outright. While looking for a solution, perhaps you can enter the boot menu (you may have to hold down <Shift> during boot) and...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Latest Kernel Update (3.5.0-26) Freezes Intel GPU

    phillipblake, it sounds like you selected the correct kernel. Apart from seeing error reports, do you still experience the freezes with 3.5.0-25?
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Latest Kernel Update (3.5.0-26) Freezes Intel GPU

    Unless you have purged them from your system already, you should be able to launch older kernels from your GRUB boot menu -> Advanced options for Ubuntu.
    You may have to hold down <Shift> to see the...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Latest Kernel Update (3.5.0-26) Freezes Intel GPU

    Same here. Unsurprisingly, disabling Apport itself didn't solve it. Have reverted to 3.5.0-25 for now.
    Syslog snippet from 3.5.0-26:

    kernel: [ 5674.691315] [drm:i915_hangcheck_hung] *ERROR*...
  7. Re: Preparing my final pitch to the devs regarding the non-pae kernel

    Excellent, well put, thank you. As you say, the move to pae as default would seem to bring more harm than good. As anecdotal evidence, I have a Tosh and an IBM here affected by this change, and since...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Problems after Firefox 3.6.6 update

    This has happened to me twice now. The first time was just after upgrading to Lucid and I since thought it was a one-time hiccup, I just bit the bullet and created a new profile. Well, it happened...
  9. Re: Old technology foils Schwarzenegger's wage order

    Honestly, I thought you were kidding and started googling - you were not.
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    Re: Is Evolution 3.0 coming to Lucid Lynx?

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    Re: Will Firefox be updated to 3.6 for Karmic?

    I'm wondering the same. It's been a couple of weeks now.
  12. [SOLVED] Re: VMware player stopped working after upgrading to Karmic

    Same problem here. Got a link to that 3.0 version?
  13. Re: canNOT use Huawei E169 with 2.6.31-12-generic #40

    Yeah, releasing Karmic with a known (and patched) regression like this just isn't nice. Upgrade and BAM - you're offline.

    I am not affected by this bug myself, but it will be sort of awkward...
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    [SOLVED] Re: What a mess I have got myself into!!

    Grab a daily live cd and reinstall again?
  15. Re: Cannot Boot - blinking cursor on black screen after jaunty to karmic beta upgrade

    Ah, gotcha, my bad.
  16. Re: Cannot Boot - blinking cursor on black screen after jaunty to karmic beta upgrade

    I'm fairly certain that upgrades between alpha or beta releases are not supported. Better install fresh.
  17. Poll: Re: Who thinks Karmic should have the breathe iconset?

    We're almost in beta freeze and you want to change icons and theme? Jeez.
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    Hive Rise - new RTS game with a Linux port

    I thought I'd mention this as I couldn't find any threads about it. The game installed fine on Ubuntu 9.04 32-bit and looks a bit like C&C. Crashed when exiting the game...
  19. Thread: Freeze in Jaunty

    by agurk

    [ubuntu] Re: Freeze in Jaunty

    I'm sorry that I can't be of much other help than to point you to this ever-growing thread about freezes in Jaunty:
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    [ubuntu] Re: CPU is constantly at 50% whats yours?

    graham70 is right, the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet does not show CPU load, it shows what sleep state your processor is in.

    If you're interested in CPU load, run 'top' in a terminal, or...
  21. Thread: Freeze in Jaunty

    by agurk

    [ubuntu] Re: Freeze in Jaunty

    Although downgrading kills kittens, I just had to give up and revert to 8.10 to get things done. I'll leave you with some of my observations and a weakly supported theory.

    * ext3 or...
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    [ubuntu] Re: OS freezes sometimes

    Ugh, strike that. I just had another lockup while doing some compiling in 'safemode with networking', so no X involved even.
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    [ubuntu] Re: OS freezes sometimes

    Could be overheating, try monitoring the temperatures in your laptop.

    It could also be some other kernel bug; I had similar symptoms with a slightly older AMD64 machine and had it fixed by...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Jaunty lock ups!!

    Nope, removing the nvidia drivers didn't help. I was compiling in 'safemode with networking' when it locked up again.
    Every minute, there is a message showing on the screen:
    [ 228.707997] BUG:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gparted problems in 9.04

    I don't know about the USB drive stuff, but yes, ntfsprogs has always been needed in order to format NTFS partitions in GParted.
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