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    How to disable thumbnails by file type ?

    I don't like seeing the code on ".py,.cpp,.c,.js" filetypes on nautilus. I do want to see file previews on pdf and other media files. How do I go about doing this ?
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Youtube very laggy/choppy on fullscreen view

    Hopefully more websites will turn HTML 5 as an alternative. I heard gnash can be used in place of adobe flash, but it doesn't seem to work all that well.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Youtube very laggy/choppy on fullscreen view

    I'm using a AMD integrated 6XXX series. HTML 5 doesn't seem to help, however I have no problem watch youtube vids via VLC streaming. Just a hussle to do this everytime.
  4. [ubuntu] Youtube very laggy/choppy on fullscreen view

    I have had this issue since Ubuntu 12.04 (now using 13.04), and it hasn't gone away. Totem and VLC are able to displays vids perfectly on fullscreen with youtube it's a different story. The audio...
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    Re: What do you use your Ubuntu for!?

    I feel my files are safer from hackers. Most of the open source tools I use seem to run better on Ubuntu.
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    Re: Things that you dislike in Ubuntu

    lol :popcorn:
  7. Poll: Career: Network Engineer vs Software Engineer ?

    I'm a 24 year old who has not worked in the IT Industry professionally, and have been considering going back to college. Problem solving intrigues me so I've always leaned more towards Software...
  8. Re: How do open source projects pay for themselves ?

    Thank you all for your helpful responses !

    It was just something i've always wondered. I always hear about figures like Richard Stallma advocating for "free software", but just never thought...
  9. [ubuntu] Rythmbox keeps crashing when trying to sync music

    Title explains my problems. Whenever I use Rhythmbox to transfer music from my computer to mp3 player, it will suddenly close. In the past it worked fine. I get the following output when running...
  10. How do open source projects pay for themselves ?

    I'm aware this question might sound a bit "dumb", but how do those projects pay for themselves (including developers) ? I'm interested in pursuing a career in software development, so i'm intriged...
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    [ubuntu] Choppy Youtube vids when in full screen

    Videos are properly displayed when not viewing in Full screen. I am using fglrx graphics drivers, and in the past everything worked fine. There are three proprietary drivers I can select:
  12. Re: Is C++ comiling different on Windows 8 than Linux ?

    @ meteorrock

    Thank you for your detailed answer. I guess it's too much hassle to just compile on Windows 8, I've heard you can't dual-boot when you have with Window 8, so I guess it's out of the...
  13. Is C++ comiling different on Windows 8 than Linux ?

    I'm novice with C++ , and been using Linux (Gentoo/Ubuntu) for a while, and have never used Windows to do any programming. On most Linux Distros it is an easy and simple process. Now I'm thinking of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 32gb memory flash drive

    Welcome !

    And please don't forget to mark each thread as "solved" when you solving your problem. :)
  15. Re: What are some alternatives to Skype and Vonage on Ubuntu

    hank you very much for you responses.

    Just to clarify, I'm looking to use a VoIP service to stay in touch with my relatives in the U.S. My understanding is that Skype offers U.S based phones...
  16. What are some alternatives to Skype and Vonage on Ubuntu

    I'm looking for a VOIP service provider with phone number capabilities. Thou Skype is great and has great features, I'm unsure if it will be reliable on Ubuntu.

    Are there any VoIP providers that...
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    [ubuntu] how to remove .sh graphic drivers ?

    Google Chrome is producing very choppy pages, and according to this post ( ) it's better to install AMD beta...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: ubuntu server edition and tftp problem when PUTTING files.

    Thanks for you help man..

    It worked perfectly ! Cheers :)
  19. [SOLVED] ubuntu server edition and tftp problem when PUTTING files.

    I installed tftp as per this document:

    I followed this to the letter 3 times and every time I put a file I get:

    root@CiscoCFG:~# tftp...
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    Re: Totem movie player fullscreen mode


    I'm having the same issue with totem and VLC. Also using a Radeon video card.
  21. [ubuntu] How to restore Grub's appearances safety ?

    I used "Grub Customizer 3.0.2" to change the appearances on the grub, but it looks nothing like the options I choose. It looks terrible with debugging look a like symbols. Is there a way to safely...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: How to use a short-cut to run last command on terminal ?

    Oh man. Thanks a lot

    I'm completely embarrassed
  23. [SOLVED] How to use a short-cut to run last command on terminal ?

    I currently have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installed. On other Linux Distros I've used such as Fedora and Gentoo, The terminal by default with a short-cut, by pressing the "page up" botton I could re input...
  24. Thread: Newbie Help

    by West701

    [ubuntu] Re: Newbie Help

    As mentioned above try all of them. Install them on virtual machines on Ubuntu or Windows.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Package/Compile question

    After being a Gentoo (compiling based distro) user for a while,I'll tell that compiled software is optimized for your hardware. My Gentoo distro can boot in under 9 seconds as opposed to Ubuntu takes...
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