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  1. [PPC] Re: iBook G3 Dual USB problem with install

    I figured out the problem with the bootup, I had to reset the PMU(pressing the tiny little reset button next to one of the ports). But I am still stuck at the install of everything, I am at a pink...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 10.10 ppc got me mad of asking changing passwrd

    He has yaboot, because that is the only efi/bootloader that runs on ppc macs, and it is installed by default in a ubuntu ppc installation.

    Have you tried, on the second prompt(not the prompt with...
  3. [PPC] iBook G3 Dual USB problem with install

    Ok, so I have the following iBook G3
    - 500mhz G3
    - 576MB RAM
    - cd-rom
    - before this, it had 9.04 on it, but i forgot the username and password
    I had tried to download the xubuntu 10.04...
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