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    Poll: Re: Feisty Poll

    I was looking for someplace to vent a bit about this! :)

    First, I upgraded my Kubuntu Edgy and it failed about halfway through. I don't even recall what the error message was, but all of the...
  2. Re: How to burn .bin/.cue files with K3B for absolute Newbies.

    What do i do if I only have the .bin file?
  3. Re: Have these projects already been undertaken?

    Pennypacker you magnificent bastard! Go for it. Even if it had been done before, if you are learning PHP this sounds like a good excersize and will help you to refine your skills as you learn what...
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    Re: HOWTO: NVIDIA TV-OUT for Newbies


    After reading through the forums trying to get my Nvidia GeForce 5200 to clone my monitor with the TV-Out (TwinView?) i decided to cheat a little. The new SimplyMEPIS 6 is based on...
  5. Re: HOWTO: Install PITA Lexmark Z600 Z615 and Dell Photo Printer 720

    Worked very well, thank you for the great instructions!
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