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  1. Re: Bind9 IPv6 reverse lookup configuration problem

    You don't have a $ORIGIN directive in your reverse.zone1.ipv6 file; I can't remember if those are still used. I'm wondering if the default origin for the file is the zone rather than the root. If...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Advertise Name Server address for IPv6 Lan from Ubuntu router

    What are your hosts running? Not too many clients support RDNSS yet.

    When you configured wide-dhcpv6, did you change your Radvd AdvOtherConfigFlag to on? Remember, in IPv6 the client DHCPv6...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 slow boot time with no IPv6 routers

    Usually slow boot times are due to some other cause than lack of IPv6 support on-link from your upstream router. I suspect that setting the wired connection to ignore IPv6 was unrelated to some...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need some help w/ ipv6 and nat64

    Since the internet is still about 98.7% IPv4, if you have v4 available, being dual-stack is the best way to go. For v6-only clients to access v4-only servers, there are at least 3 issues, only 2 of...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Have ipv6 Address But Cannot Reach ipv6 Website

    Hmm. If I understand you correctly,
    * v6 works from various versions of windows when wired
    * v6 works from Linux over wireless
    * v6 fails from Linux when wired

    It's not clear if there are any...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Have ipv6 Address But Cannot Reach ipv6 Website

    > ... the default gateway should not be fe80::205:85ff:fe7a:4cb2, because it is a local ipv6
    On the contrary, except for statically configured routes, in conformant IPv6 implementations the...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Have ipv6 Address But Cannot Reach ipv6 Website

    If you have an address but no connectivity, there may be some kind of routing glitch. Possibly with your ISP, possibly with your network. Can you provide more details about the equipment along the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: IPv6 unavaliable after idle

    So, are there supposed to be two upstream routers?
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    Re: IPv6 static + IPv6 privacy addressing

    The short answer, I fear, is that IPv6 isn't designed to do what you want.

    Your key difficulty is that SLAAC is mostly controlled by the RA flags, not by the client. The prefixes advertised in...
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    [all variants] Re: IPv6 routing issue

    What do the v6 routes on machine B look like? And does machine B have IPv6 forwarding on, and ip6tables rules allowing the traffic?
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Setup IPv6 network with ubuntu host and two VMs

    This should be workable, but you might get better results from KVM virtualization (install metapackage ubuntu-virt, then run GUI virt-manager) than from virtualbox; last I knew virtualbox had a...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: No IPv6 address, dmesg: "IPv6 duplicate address"

    I agree it smells like an ubuntu and/or kernel bug. If you don't care deeply about using RFC 4941 "privacy" addresses (62 random bits in the host part) instead of EUI-64 mapped addresses (46 bits of...
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    Re: Trouble with Raring and IPv6

    The first two things to wrap your head around are:

    * ICMPv6 RA's + DHCPv6 + ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery require multicast, and aren't like DHCPv4 + ARP.

    * There are way too many tunneling...
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    [ubuntu] Re: IPv4-IPv6 Gateway

    Best wishes for your IPv6 R&D. It's the future of the internet; both Cisco and AT&T predict that backbone routing of IPv4 will cease by 2020, though I suspect it will linger on in the back offices...
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    [other] Re: IPv6 module in NS2

    I'm unclear on whether you want measured results or simulated results. If simulated, you might prefer NS3 to NS2; I haven't used either, but a quick glance at the documentation suggests the IPv6...
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    [other] Re: IPv6 wlan doesn't get the gateway

    In IPV6 the only way to get a native gateway is from the link-local address of the router in an ICMPv6 router advertisement; it's not an option inside RA's or via DHCPv6. Try running rdisc6 wlan0...
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    Re: Trouble with Raring and IPv6

    One wouldn't expect the rdisc6 output to be different between the two OS's, as that's controlled by the RA's from the upstream router, not the ubuntu client. One would expect the output of "ip...
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    Re: Trouble with Raring and IPv6

    So your network topology looks like
    {client1,client2,client3} --- linksys --- ISP modem ... internet

    For IPv4 we assume you have one public IPv4 on the upstream side of the linksys, the ISP...
  19. [all variants] Re: radvd - forward advertisements on wireless network

    Solving this probably requires a firmware upgrade for proper dual IPv4 + IPv6 stack support on the wireless router, which might require replacing it entirely.

    ICMPv6 router advertisements are...
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    [ubuntu] Re: etho: no ipv6 router found...

    This is only a warning that no IPv6 ICMP router advertisement messages were received in response to your host sending a router solicitation to the IPv6 registered (with IANA) all-routers multicast...
  21. [all variants] Re: Problem replacing failed disk using mdadm

    What happens if you just plug in the new drive?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with External Harddrive!

    If this a recent version of Ubuntu, such as 12.04 or 12.10, the log out option is toward the bottom of the settings gizmo (gear/power icon, rightmost on the top bar).

    To be an administrator on a...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu thinks my internet modem is a cd

    What version of Ubuntu are you running?
    Could you be more specific about the vendor and model of the new modem?
    Is it a PCI device or a USB device or what?
    Could you attach the output of
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    [xubuntu] Re: Ubuntu will not send Router solicitation

    What happens with rdisc6 from userspace? E.g.
    sudo -i
    apt-get install ndisc6
    rdisc6 eth0
    Also could we see the output of
    ip address show
    ip maddress show
    ip -4 route show
    ip -6 route show...
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    [ubuntu] Re: iperf can not work for IPV6 on linux

    Can you give examples of what you typed? iperf -V has worked for me over IPv6 on a variety of platforms including both Redhat and Ubuntu Linux. You might need to be using global scope addresses...
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