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  1. Re: no traffic after cyberghost connected

    Unfortunately can't move to any other distro as a bug in sis driver in ubuntu 12.10 and forward and opensuse12.3 is not letting me setup cleanly. So am stuck with Mint 13.
  2. no traffic after cyberghost connected

    I setup cyberghost free account in Mint 13 by copying all .crt and .key files from windows installation and entered password and key. It got connected but no traffic goes past then, all browsers...
  3. [all variants] Display blinks on 12.10 based Linux system


    I had a Acer aspire 5002 laptop with sis graphics card. I tried ubuntu 12.10, xubuntu 12.10, Linux Mint 14 mate; they all upon boot from usb when comes to desktop just start display to blinks...
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    [all variants] Oracle JDK manual download


    Is there a manual download site for jdk as is there for jre?

    Downloading from...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Quantal keep blinking on acer 5002 laptop

    Yes, vuze does that automatically.
  6. [ubuntu] Quantal keep blinking on acer 5002 laptop

    Hi All,

    I have a Acer 5002 laptop and was trying to install Quantal on it. But the graphical desktop on boot from usb doesn't come up. It keeps blinking. My laptop has sis graphics card but...
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    [all variants] kernel panic while install


    I was trying to install ubuntu 12.04 i386 while I got this kernel panic. I tried installing kubuntu 12.04 but got the same error. ubuntu 10.04, 11.04, mint 12 works on this acer 5002 (turion...
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