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    Re: We Need A Ps3 Subforum!

    What has come of this PS3buntu thread? Are there any PS3 Groups made? I'm curious if one could make a GoogleGroup and some how connect it to an UbuntuForums Group. Sharing posts/resources. Even the...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Is there anyway to get a list of everything installed on my computer?

    I'm a noob to Linux, but the only way I get a list of installed programs is to go to the Add/Remove program in Ubuntu, and click the drop-down box that lists "View Installed Applications Only" or...
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    [other] Re: Which laptop to buy!

    my two cents is simply to buy a dell laptop. i bought mine with vista on it, sold vista, and now i have an amazingly fast inspiron laptop with 3gb ram and a nice graphics card. im sorry i dont know...
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    Re: Bored to tears

    Want ideas? I have two huge requests.

    1. I would love to have an easy to use TextToSpeech program in Ubuntu.
    2. I would also like an Ubuntu front-end to A.l.i.c.e., the worlds most advanced chat...
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    Re: Bored to tears

    So you mean to say you looked around the GoogleCode website? I find that place facinating.
  6. Re: why do we still use "window" based GUI's?

    I love it when people ask about the future! Future OS design is one of my passions! :D
    The current "multi-touch" computers feature zooming in and out of a giant coark board. So your life becomes a...
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