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    [ubuntu] OK to install 13.10 and update?

    If I download the daily build today and install it, will I have to re install it on the 17th? Or will updates and bug fix's roll out to me too?
  2. [all variants] Tag And Rename Windows App Replacement?

    Greetings there is a program that I have to keep coming back to windows to use, and using windows irritates me :mad:. The program is called "Tag And Rename". And it's an MP3 tag editor. I tired Easy...
  3. [Xubuntu] Upgraded to 13.04, too many glitches in 12.04

    I ran Xubuntu LTS for a few days and noticed a bunch of small bugs and hangs up that I did not notice in later versions of the OS. I have to give Ubuntu and Xubuntu a lot of credit for coming such a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: multimedia codecs

    Are you trying to play the same file that played before? Explain what you mean by "now it doesn't work". Any errors?
  5. [all variants] Re: PQI USB Hard Drive doesn't work. ANy possible solutions?

    It sounds like you used this drive before to put your data on it, so if your doing the same thing now as you did in the past, I would say the drive is bad. In those 10-15 secs is it making any odd...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Is this system compatible with Ubuntu?

    You may or may not have problems with the video card and driver, but I don't see anything there that should not run Linux. Try out a live CD!
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    [ubuntu] Re: My laptop gets heated too fast

    Have you been inside the power management section of the OS? Ubuntu comes with a power management module that gives you basic control to save your battery life, to open it just go to ‘System’ > ...
  8. Re: Suddenly... the ram was not recognised

    I would see if the ram is actually changing via the OS or BIOS, Maybe there is a bug or problem with the ram and/or mobo. If it's not dropping off via the BIOS or OS. I would suggest you have problem...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: No luck with ALPS Allegro 24 dot matrix (parallel) printer

    With most dot matrix's I have seen, they work with any standard printer driver. I would chose a "Generic printer driver" or something along those lines and try to print with that.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Like Ubuntu, but not unity! Choices?

    Greetings all, Thanks for all the help and advice. I installed the current LTS of Ubuntu to try it out of the box again, still dislike Unity. Tried installing the xfce4 per frogs hair post. Found...
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    [SOLVED] Like Ubuntu, but not unity! Choices?

    Greetings, I like Ubuntu and being part of the community and it's very well supported world , but I can't stomach unity. I hostly don't care for it at all. What would you suggest to try? I like...
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    Re: iTunes/ iTunes clone for Linux?

    Virtual box, It's a program you install inside Linux that allows you set up a fake or virtual computer that you can install windows in to and use it. Your CPU is a single core, runing at 2.2ghz. not...
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    Re: iTunes/ iTunes clone for Linux?

    Yes I am new user as well but that's what I have seen as well. Or you can always setup a virtual box with windows in there. What's your processor?
  14. Re: [lubuntu] PPC MAC G4 733Mhz LIVE NO BOOT

    Still no go, now have a different set of problems with Lubuntu 12.04. No splash screen just a black screen northing on it, just hangs there, DVD drive spins down after a bit. I get the Yaboot prompt...
  15. Re: [lubuntu] PPC MAC G4 733Mhz LIVE NO BOOT

    heir4c, Thanks, I am burning the image at 4x with verify written data this time. I will post back shortly when it's done and try it out.

    Lars Nooden, Thanks, According to "About this mac" it has...
  16. [lubuntu] PPC MAC G4 733Mhz LIVE NO BOOT

    Greetings, I downloaded and burned the standard 13.04 PPC image off the lubuntu site. My Mac is a G4 733Mhz Quicksilver with 40gb drive and 1gb of ram. When I boot to the CD and try to run the live...
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