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    Re: MythMusic - Repeat All


    I realise this is an old(ish) thread, but this was bugging me too, so I decided to have a look in to it.

    It turns out that (for whatever reason), Myth isn't writing that value back to...
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    Re: If you find Ubuntu to be slow ...

    I guess it all depends on the hardware / how "old" the computer is...

    I was given the task of making an old Toshiba laptop work under "Linux", so I tried Lubuntu, Xbuntu, U-Lite, etc... in the end...
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    Re: lirc - kernel modules not loading

    Andycas - you're a star :KS

    I had the same issue with Ubuntu 9.10, MythTV 0.23

    All sorts of problems, I had to make a /var/run/lirc folder too...

    Thanks for posting the solution!
  4. [SOLVED] Re: generate xorg.conf from current configuration

    I've spent some more time looking at this and it would appear that it is possible afterall...

    In my case, (Ubuntu 9.10) I booted into the recovery mode and ran

    Xorg -configureThis tells...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: generate xorg.conf from current configuration

    Oh man, would that be helpful!

    Does the logfile help you at all?

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to get an old laptop going because Xorg & HAL aren't able to auto-detect...
  6. Re: MythWelcome / MythTV, ACPI, automatic shutdown in 9.10

    Just another thought - I've also changed the Frontend settings

    Advanced/Setup -> Setup -> General -> Program Exit settings

    And changed the halt command from
    halt to
  7. Re: MythWelcome / MythTV, ACPI, automatic shutdown in 9.10

    Yep, that's where I started.... then when that wasn't working quite as well, I found this thread and thought it was more specific to the situation I was looking at...

    I've just checked the logs...
  8. Re: MythWelcome / MythTV, ACPI, automatic shutdown in 9.10

    I originally had a problem with "mythshutdown now" and when I checked MythShutdown it doesn't accept "now" as a parameter, (just run it from the command line, and it lists what does work)

    So I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Shutdown System Policy Question

    Yep, just tagging on the end in case someone else finds this thread...

    My Ubuntu 9.10 system has been able to shutdown for ages until I recently installed MythTV on top of Ubuntu (rather than the...
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