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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox slow scrolling, screen not updating ...

    After upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10 the new firefox is doing the same thing. Very disconcerting. May be firefox.:guitar::guitar::guitar:
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    [ubuntu] Re: LexMark Printer not printing

    My z2300 used to work well until I upgrade form 11.04 to 11.10.. Got a number of error messages permission not adequate, scheduler couldn't execute filter. These are cups problems. Have refreshed...
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    [ubuntu] New video card Ububtu won't boot

    Installed 10.4 lts on a Dell dimension 2350. Runs fine except that the video failed and a bar pattern is painted on the upper half of the screen. I works after a reboot for a while. So, I figured...
  4. [ubuntu] Hardu says 33.037132 DRIVER "SR" NEEDS UPDATING

    Have A NEW SHUTTLE SP35SP2 PRO. It is not booting reliably. Have reinstalled ubuntu a couple of times. When it boots everything works. Oh, ubuntu says Please use a bus-type method.
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    [ubuntu] 8.04 winks but doesn't put out

    Installed Ubuntu, signed in as a user,restarted ubuntu, ran interface to internet, office applications logged off and now the start screen comes up and the progress bar winks at me forever. The left...
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