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  1. [server] Display disappers when behind KVM switch in text mode

    I'm connected to the KVM switch and my Ubuntu server when booted shows initial bios screen and when ubuntu booting starts I see blank screen. However if I directly connect my monitor everything...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: High disk temperature in ubuntu low in Mageia Linux!

    I think I managed to bring down the disk temperature! modified all the values in /etc/default/tlp.
    Posting the tlp file here for further reference for other peoples help.

  3. [SOLVED] Re: High disk temperature in ubuntu low in Mageia Linux!

    Can someone tell me how do I change following parameters while on AC power supply?

    DISK_APM_LEVEL_ON_AC="254 254" to "128 128" ?
    SATA_LINKPWR_ON_AC=max_performance to min_power ?...
  4. [SOLVED] High disk temperature in ubuntu low in Mageia Linux!

    I'm tryign to use various Ubuntu versions full time on my HP Pavilion dv6-2150us laptop. However the big problem that I have noticed is that the hard disk gets very very hot in Ubuntu. The problem...
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    [kubuntu] Re: laptop ubuntu overheating

    I've HP Pavilion dv6 laptop and for last 2 years I'm facing the over heating issue only in Ubuntu and its varients. On the same laptop with Windows 7 everything just works fine! Can you share your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Microsoft Office Online on Ubuntu?

    I know it's a old thread still I am replying. However as of Feb 2013, Microsoft has launched Office 365, which is cloud based office suite which needs subscription. Under ubuntu when visited the...
  7. [kubuntu] Re: Application Manuals missing how to install them?

    That only installs KDE system documentation which I already have. However manuals for application are missing. In some KDE source code compilation I also received error for missing manuals.
  8. [kubuntu] Re: Application Manuals missing how to install them?

    Can any KDE/Kubuntu expert respond on how to install application manuals?
  9. [kubuntu] Application Manuals missing how to install them?

    How to install Application Manual's in KDE 4.5.x or under KUbuntu? If you goto Help under KDE start menu Application Manual's are missing. I tried to find out in KPackageKit but I could not find them.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Evolution Email question

    Why did you have to install it? Evolution comes pre-installed in Ubuntu. You should find it under "Internet" item in menu. If you cannot first check if it is correctly installed by running evolution...
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    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Pavilion dv6-2150us HD sound video

    I booted with KUbuntu lucid alpha 3 live CD and to my surprise display was detected to 1366x768 the wireless card was not detected but when I scanned for new hardware I did find my broadcom card and...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Why should I choose Ubuntu Desktop instead of Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Deskto

    Before you shell out money important question would be... why do you want to pay? What are your expectation from support team once you buy support? what is your Linux comfort level? How often do you...
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    [SOLVED] Pavilion dv6-2150us HD sound video

    I'm trying to install KUbuntu 9.10 on my new HP Pavilion dv6 2150us laptop that has i3 processor. I'm unable to hear any sound on the laptop and the display is limited to 1024x768 using the VESA...
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    Poll: Re: Fully functioning linux laptop?

    I'm having trouble with Intel HD Sound and Video. However the laptop is brand new and the new i3 processor was launched on 7 Jan 2010. Ubuntu does not support most of the hardware out of the box....
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Desperately need Linux, and desperately need help...

    That wont work cause for that he needs a internet connection to download Ubuntu and he is unable to connect to internet!
  16. [SOLVED] Re: Desperately need Linux, and desperately need help...

    Well get 4 GB USB disk and how to install Ubuntu on it???????????
    None of he above mentioned option will work.

    dude... just get mandriva USB stick and boot it from it. Its available in stores.
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    [all variants] Re: Epson Scanner Stylus TX110

    Thanks a lot ellgor, that link helped me. I'm able to use my epson tx110 all-in-one printer now along with scanner.
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    [all variants] Epson Scanner Stylus TX110

    Can anyone point me how do I use my scanner from my all-in-one printer? I have Epson Stylus TX110 All-in-one printer-scanner.
    I plugged it to my USB port and it detected my printer and...
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    [all variants] Re: Mobile that syncs with Linux apps

    Thanks tacantara! I will definitely check the phone. Is this the only phone in the world that syncs its calendar, contacts with linux apps? Sad but still Amazing!
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    [all variants] Re: Mobile that syncs with Linux apps

    Thanks Joes7 but that didnot answer my question. I'm not interested in mobiles that run Linux. I'm interested in syncing mobile contacts and calendar with KOrganizer/KMail or Thunderbird or Evolution...
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    [all variants] Mobile that syncs with Linux apps

    Hi all,
    I'm using my old Nokia phone for many years now and its the time to change the same. I'm looking for a phone that can provide the functionality of Synchronizing mobile contacts with...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Converting AVI, WMV to SMV

    Works beautifully even on Kubuntu 9.10 beta! with KDE 4.3.2
    Thanks for posting detail steps and links.
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Creative Zen V and 9.04 - no music files visible

    This issue is due to 2 application trying to take hold on one interface. You just need to unmount it incase if you wish to access it from GNomad2, or you can now directly browse the entire device...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Creative Zen V small problem

    Not sure! but its just a one click on unmount and your player is working in Rhythmbox...
    Visiti my blog if you wish to know how I'm using banshee to manage my Zen
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Gnomad2 no longer recognizes Creative Zen in Jaunty

    I'm also a Creative Zen and I found that 9.04 has fixed many issues and I'm lot more excited to use my Zen with this release as I was able address most of my blocker issues.
    To explain in detail...
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