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  1. [ubuntu] Re: MacBook Pro 8,1 & Ubuntu - can they work together?

    I would check out this wiki. It needs quite a bit of work, but it does have a lot of good stuff in there. My main complaint of running Ubuntu...
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    Re: Maverick - Unity Performance problems

    I am also having performance issues on my Dell Mini 9. It is completely unusable to me, and I have to switch back to Lucid.

    It could be because Unity seems to rely on compositing, but there is so...
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    Poll: Re: Font Sizes Survey

    The survey isn't intended to find out what people would like as a default font, just what they happen to be using, but thanks for your data!
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    Poll: Font Sizes Survey

    With Mark Shuttleworth's recent invitation for solid data with regards to the window buttons, I thought I would take this opportunity to research how Ubuntu users configure their font settings.

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    Re: EasyFileSharing

    I wouldn't know why smb is recommended for the Mac over others like sftp, which always worked great for me. I don't own a Mac myself, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt (or just try it...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: HELP..! Newbie here. Regarding Ubuntu Restart.

    The previously posted video is very good. Pay attention to Step #4, where the disk is partitioned. I would click manual and select the external hard drive as the installation destination.

    BE VERY...
  7. [all variants] Re: FF 3.5 no clear private data option?

    You can also go to Tools -> Clear Recent History
  8. Re: 9.10 installed now how do I turn off netbook again

    That's ALT+F2
  9. Re: 9.10 installed now how do I turn off netbook again

    Did you try my previous post? I got the impression from your last post that you missed it.
  10. Re: 9.10 installed now how do I turn off netbook again

    If I were you, I would reset your panel configuration, since some changes were made to the applets in 9.10. You will get the Fast User Switch applet, which allows you to control your IM status and...
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    Re: Anyone tried Back in Time?

    Ahh, I see where you are coming from, and Back in Time fulfills both of those needs (at least for me) by simply choosing an external hard drive as the backup location. That way I can also have my...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Karmic login screen

    I figured out why it did not work for you. You have to set the gconf key as either default or mandatory. Find the key in gconf-editor, right click and click "Set as default" or "Set as mandatory."
  13. Re: Blatant security flaw much?

    Has anyone considered just locking the keyring, or perhaps making sure that the login keyring is locked by default?

    Go to Accesssories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys. Right click on the "login"...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: PA does not support multiple streams in karmic

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I do not have the same problem (see the screenshot).

    Have you made sure that the streams themselves are not muted in the...
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    Re: Anyone tried Back in Time?

    After Joe_Bishop brought it to my attention, I went and checked out Time Slider on OpenSolaris, and that IS cool. Even in EXT4 does not support file system snapshots, the same effect could probably...
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    Anyone tried Back in Time?

    Has anyone tried Back in Time? I just installed it and set it up, and I am really impressed by how easy it is to use. It is inspired by Apple's Time Machine and is based on rsync.
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    Re: 2 boot splashes?

    I understand why Usplash might still be necessary, but the display of two logos (splashes) is rather strange. In my opinion, the Usplash image should just be replaced with a black image. That way we...
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    Re: itunes touch and 9.10

    I don't own one myself, but I started thinking about it after seeing some of these posts:
  19. Re: Intel video card slower with recent updates

    Everything is fine on my end, using kernel-12 and intel-2.9.0
    Dell Mini 9 32gb SSD and 2gb RAM

    Is there any application in particular that I should try to get a sense whether or not it is slower?
  20. Re: Karmic 9.10 fails to install on Dell Mini 9

    Strange. Installing the beta worked perfectly for me. I used the usb-creator utility found in the repositories to write the image to a 4 gb flash drive.
    Dell Mini 9, 32 gb ssd, 2 gb ram.
  21. Poll: Re: Your opinion on new Human theme and Humanity Icons

    I think this time around, the gtkrc has finally been written just right. Not too glossy, not too 2D, not too orange. Not perfect, but really close.
    I have always loved the Humanity icon set, and...
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    Ubuntu NBR and

    Instead of the default panel setup for Ubuntu Netbook remix, I have been using the plain old Window List and uni4dfx's Window Button Applet...
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    Re: Empathy Features

    I have a few questions about Empathy development:

    How is video chat coming along?
    Does video chat work with the Gmail video chat interface yet?
    Can one choose audio and video devices within...
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    Re: Packagekit Help

    does anyone know if PackageKit will be included in the final version of Karmic? I was wondering because if it is seriously being considered for inclusion, then I will start testing it. If it has...
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    Re: Skipping sound playback on Mini 9

    From my limited experience with the usage of pulseaudio, its problems really stem from ALSA and not from pulseaudio itself; pulseaudio is really just exposing a lot of ALSA bugs as it matures.
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