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    Re: Guess the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS codename

    Tantalizing Thrasher
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu => Lubuntu => Ubuntu

    First, run the command, but don't hit "y" Now in the apt-get summary section where it tells you everything that will be installed, copy the output text line by line and paste them to a text file...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Other hard drive folders on desktop?

    install this:

    sudo apt-get install gconf-editor dconf-editor
    Open dconf-editor and navigate the menus as follows org<gnome<nautilus<desktop. Now tick the "volumes-visable" checkbox and close.
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    Re: Unable to recognize DVD

    Hold the phone... Does anyone else see the "DVD-RAM" in the output? If that's the case, the drive only takes DVD-RAM disks. A technology that never caught on. Essentially beaten out by DVD-ROM. It...
  5. Re: How to move window buttons on to the top?

    Yes. In fact, the maximized window aspect of Unity uses it's own seperate theme and code to manage a window in maximized mode as opposed to a standard window that sits on the desktop with it's window...
  6. Re: Are there any FULL Ubuntu/Kubuntu 13.04 DVD Releases?

    If it matters, there is a Kubuntu 12.04 DVD release that has all the major software needed preinstalled. Like the codecs, flash, java, ect....

    32bit DVD:...
  7. Re: How to move window buttons on to the top?

    Sorry, but when it comes to the user end, Ubuntu is designed to be fixed and uncustomizable. So to do a simple "button replacement" will in fact entail a rewrite of some, if not most of Unity's code.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Linux ACPI issue, broken Motherboard, or weak power supply?

    Becasue of the overwelming amount of support I have had here in this thread, I was able to find out on my own that it was the PSU to blame. So thank you everyone for giving time to give your opinions...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need Help with Ubuntu [Black Screen]

    Sounds like an UEFI PC according to what you are saying, also the screen issue is likely due to either a bug in the screen brightness, or the laptop has dual-graphics, descrete graphics, or optimus.
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    [all variants] Re: Curious nvidia driver issue

    Nvidia 325 has new optimus support, thats why it wants to install that over 319.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Switch user

    Yeah, it's supposed to be like that. Imagine, using a Wiindows machine, you were in the middle of doing something on your account, but say your child needed to do a bit of research on the PC. You...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: used to be options for resizing destop background now none, stretch, fit to scree

    Didi you also install gnome shell by any chance?
  13. Re: Sluggish performance on decent spec machine

    Also, to fix the Compiz screen tearing, you can also do this:

    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
    Then open it and disregard the warning. Do as I say, and no problems should arise....
  14. Re: Sluggish performance on decent spec machine

    So have you installed the nvidia graphics drivers yet?

    sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
    But only run the command IF you didn't already install them manually. If you did install manually...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Newly installed ubunu will not boot

    Also, by any chance is this a WUBI install? Did you download Ubuntu and hit the Wubi install in Windows?
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    Re: How to install this ubuntu skin?

    Good! Linux Mint is also based on Ubuntu. So it has all the same features, support, and apps as Ubuntu does minus the Unity stuff.
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    Re: How to install this ubuntu skin?

    It's not a good idea to install. GTK3 apps outnumber GTK2 apps on Ubuntu 12.04. So only a few apps like Firefox would be themed. While apps like Unity, Nautilus (file manager), Rythembox, system...
  18. Re: Ubuntu programming - which should i choose?

    Take a look here:
    Canonical gives good resources for developing apps on their platforms, both Mobile and Deskop. Also since Ubunu is moving in the...
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    Re: GIMP 2.8.6: Any chance for Saucy?

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gimp gimp-data-extras gimp-plugin-registry
    There. Latest version of Gimp at your disposal.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu is very slow

    Yeah, Ubuntu is built for modern PC's. If the PC dosen't contain a Socket 775 or Socket AM2 CPU or better, it will probably run slow. Also, the ram is bellow the reccomended amount. Ubuntu needs 2GB...
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    Re: How to install this ubuntu skin?

    That theme is outdated and is no longer compatible with any modern GTK based desktop. The theme only has files for GTK2 and no GTK3 files. It can technically be installed, but only apps still using...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Left and right channels are flip-flopped


    Thats a lazy response if I saw one!

    To really answer the question, The Xonar XG is based off the Oxygen DSP Sound Chip which just recently made it into the Kernel with driver support....
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Linux ACPI issue, broken Motherboard, or weak power supply?

    I also forgot to mention that according to Intel, the DG33BU needs 3 Amps on the 5VSB line, my PSU only provides 2.5 Amps. But I'm not sure to trust Intel's specs since almost all their boards say 3A...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: noob question: How do you install and upgrade RAM?

    12.04.1 will allow you use use the AMD provided ATI Drivers which will give you better graphics performance and possibly better power management on the card and have it run cooler. But if you are...
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    Re: repositories

    Repositories are only usefull if they provide a piece of software not located in the Ubuntu sources, or if you need a more up-to-date program than what is normally installable. I for one have a few...
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