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    [ubuntu] Re: Wallpaper not displaying correctly

    Yes, there is a small image copy of the desktop on the left corner
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    [ubuntu] Wallpaper not displaying correctly

    I don't exactly know how to describe the problem, that's why I included a screenshot of the desktop wallpaper.

    You can see a small copy of the desktop image on the left corner and the whole...
  3. Re: Lost screen borders and maximize/close icons

    After a lot of searching, I think I have found a solution.

    Adding a window manager to startup applications (the famous compiz --replace or gnome-wm) is a bad fix, because you're probably replacing...
  4. Re: Lost screen borders and maximize/close icons

    What is your current WM?

    easy way to check is in Ubuntu Tweak>Startup>Session Control>Window Manager

    Try changing the WM to "gnome-wm" and apply. Then load gnome-wm to the current session:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No sound in Ubuntu 10.04

    I have Ubuntu 10.04 on a Sony Vaio VPCF111FB, and had the same issue. No sound through speakers, headphones working. The only way I could fix the sound was downloading and replacing the kernel with...
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    [ubuntu] Compiz not loading on startup

    After reinstalling Ubuntu 10.04 and resetting to defaults the compiz configurations, now it fails to load on startup.

    It boots to desktop, but I have no mouse pointer or window borders and...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Can someone help me get my sound and video working? Its a sony.

    I didn't have sound on my Sony Vaio after installing Lucid. Tried everything described on this thread and nothing.

    Only solution was installing newer kernel from:

  8. Re: Lucid Installation Experience Sony Vaio VPCF11FB

    The only difference between my current xorg.conf and yours is the "Emulate3buttons" option is set to "no". I have H and V scoll on the touchpad...

    Still working on getting HDMI audio, but I have...
  9. Re: Lucid Installation Experience Sony Vaio VPCF11FB

    Hey Niej,

    Could you give me a copy of your xorg.conf?

    Somehow I lost it, and the new generated file does not have all the original configurations.
  10. Re: Lucid Installation Experience Sony Vaio VPCF11FB

    Upgrade to Linux kernel restored analog speaker sound, although the nothing from the earphones.

    On the downside, I can no longer get maximum resolution on a second screen (I was...
  11. Thread: No sound!

    by ricardo.gloe

    No sound!

    I have installed Lucid on a Sony Vaio VPCF111FB, with all the updates up to the moment. I have no sound on built-in speakers and earphones.

    Tried uninstalling pulse and installing ESound, to no...
  12. Re: Lucid Installation Experience Sony Vaio VPCF11FB

    This is how I solved the Nvidia issue:

    1 - Download and install the NVidia Driver and reboot.

    2 - on error msg, either go to low-graphics mode or go directly to cli

    3 - open and edit your...
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    [SOLVED] TV HDMI connection doesn't work!

    I have Ubuntu 10.04 LL beta 2 on a Sony Vaio VPCF111FB. When I connect the TV to the laptop with HDMI, it probes for signals and then I get "no signal".

    Does anyone know what I can do to to...
  14. Lucid Installation Experience Sony Vaio VPCF11FB

    I installed Ubuntu 10.04, LL, latest Beta version, and everything went smoothly. Everything seems to be working fine, only major issue was the nvidia driver and the edid problem, but the solution is...
  15. [SOLVED] Access "Program Files" in .wine/drive_c with the terminal

    How do I access "Program Files" located in ~/.wine/drive_c with the cd command ? when I try, this is what happens:

    rrmendes Wed Jan 13 14:24:38 BRST 2010
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    [SOLVED] Re: Think I May Have Had A Brain Fart

    I've successfully moved /home using this command:

    $cd /home/
    $find . -depth -print0 | cpio --null --sparse -pvd /mnt/newhome/

    Picked it up from...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Think I May Have Had A Brain Fart

    What guide(s) did you use to (try to) create a separate home partition? From what you've said, the only thing I can think of are permission problems. How did you copy your original home to the new...
  18. [ubuntu] Failed to initialize the Nvidia kernel! help

    Can someone please help me? everytime I restart, I get this message saying "Failed to initialize the Nvidia kernel..." and then have to run in low graphics mode. I installed v. 195, rebooted and then...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Boot right into Ubuntu

    Go to System (should be on top panel), then Start-up Manager and set the timeout to zero.

    This can also be done editing the grub file in /etc/default.

    This way, the menu is not shown and Grub...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: how do i update firefox, or install chrome??

    You can get Chrome from here

    Just download the file and then double click, then click install.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Can't get laptop's internal mic to work...

    I have the same issue on my netbook aspire one. The built-in mic, when I max the volume inputs, plays only static on playback. At least an external mic, when connected, seems to work by changing to...
  22. [ubuntu] Ubuntu KK 9.10 boot screen? doesn't appear

    My boot splash screen doesn't appear anymore. Grub2 loads, then that small ubuntu icon in the center and then directly to desktop.

    I have Start-up manager and I selected the ubuntu theme splash,...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Removed the active applications thing from panel

    Just right-click on the panel, then click add to panel and search for "notification area". That's the applet you want.
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Thunderbird doesn't have permissions to access mail folder?

    If you have to access the folder and thunderbird through root, then the files/folder are most likely set to root ownership.

    If you change the folder/files to your user, they should work.

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    [ubuntu] Re: unable to update system

    Have a look at these articles
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