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  1. [ubuntu] Re: DVD-R Won't Mount After Ubuntu 10.04 Update

    I have had the same issues lately.
    command "mount" shows the disk mounted.

    /dev/sr0 on /media/cdrom0 type udf (ro,nosuid,nodev,utf8,user=linustorvalds

    dmesg shows

    end_request: I/O error,...
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    RedBox screen of death

    To my dismay, I was unable to rent a dvd from those automated kiosks the other day.
    I wonder what the problem might of been?? :) ;)
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    Poll: Re: why Ubuntu will never be mainstream despite Shuttleworth's claims

    Well put. I use beryl and X broke and it gave me the opportunity to fix the problem and in doing so learning a little. If Linux try's to appeal to the masses, and releases new versions of distros...
  4. Re: Suggest a video capture program for my new camcorder

    I think kino would be a good bet for you.
    I use dvcapture, which is just a commandline interface program, but it works great at streaming video off my panasonic. Take a look.
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    Re: Worst website contest!

    this one will make you go blind and crazy at the same time.
  6. Re: Microsoft and Novell - worst case scenario.

    Worst case, Microsoft's stock goes thru the roof and they rule all. Then builds big bomb and wipes out every living thing on the planet, causing chain reaction and the entire universe collapses in on...
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    Re: hoary is dying

    whats hoary?? ;)
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    Poll: Re: Ok - who rides !!!

    BMW R1100S
    Everything is faster in yellow!
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    Re: New Nvidia drivers released.

    New driver work fine here.
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    Re: Folder synchronisation utility

    if your usb disk is formated as fat, then your not going to be able to preserve permissions, as all files on a fat disk have permissions of the person who mounted it. It will no nothing of groups.
  11. Re: ssh to remote, and vnc back to local = great time!

    Ok, so is easier.

    So, yes, I probably have too much time on my hands, but I just ran 15 vnc sessions with host=, thinking I might open a vortex to another dimension ;)
  12. ssh to remote, and vnc back to local = great time!

    Just like the title.
    ssh with graphical tunneling to a remote box and then use vncviewer to view your local display. And then get a fire extinguisher ready and wait for the smoke. ;)

    It kinda...
  13. Re: IE7 3M downloads in 4 days, FF2 2M downloads in 1 day

    IE7 must just kick ***, to be a high priority update.

    Firefox should release its next update as a national security red alert update. Then we can feel safe. :)

  14. return column number of matching string

    does anyone know how to from the shell...return the column number of matching strings.

    example file contents

    a b c d e f g

    what I want is to search for the string "d" and return its column...
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    Re: Linux podcasts?

    some of my favorites are....
    "The Linux Link Tech Show"
    "Linux Reality"

    I'm so jealous, I'm in denver, and I can't justify going all the way out there for a two day show. Have fun.
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    Re: Is Windows Vista faster

    When I throw it, it goes really fast. ;)
  17. Re: Mark Shuttleworth responds to the recent X debacle

    I like that mark appologized, but if he didn't, I wouldn't care.
    Why, because I didn't pay anything for the OS and he owes me nothing. In fact I owe him and all the devs more than they can even owe...
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    Re: Horrifing Ubuntu Video

    ouch, this guy is going to have do some really nice things in the future to erase the bad karma from that act.

    And I really appreciated the free cds from Canonical. I would always just order...
  19. Re: Ubuntu devs discuss how to avoid update problems like last recent X update

    I second this!!! A simple rollback option would be a GREAT idea.

    Screw your system and then just press ctrl+z and all is good again. :)
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    How many have you converted?

    Since linux seems to spread more by word of mouth rather than other influencial sources such as employment requirements, default installed OS on new computers, media advertisement...
    I thought it...
  21. Re: what is the difference between american football and rugby ?

    What are the similar rules between soccer and swimming??

    I am no rugby expert, I have watched a dozen or so games, and many more american football games, but they are barely alike, with the...
  22. Re: [Fighting for installing sthg] Do you loose time ?

    Linux is intellegent in the design, and MAC's are pretty.

    My MAC is like a hot chick with a great rack, and then I got to know her, or should I say the lack of her. I digress...

    I couldn't...
  23. Poll: Re: Astronomers to vote on potential new planets

    As far as I'm concerned they can call them potatos. It doesn't have any affect on reality. IMO these smart people should spend their time doing something more important. ;)
  24. Re: Linux and Mac Neck-n-Neck in Desktop Market Share
  25. Re: Is there really a perfect OS?

    If a linux server has a kernel panic in the woods without network access and nobody can read the system logs did the kernel panic happen?

    When artifically intellegent computers run the world, in...
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