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  1. [ubuntu] Re: keyboard shortcut 'Move window to workspace X' don't work for me


    To be able to put a window on an arbitrary viewport under Unity through keyboard hotkeys I had to create a script because the Put plugin doesnt work.

    - This script works with a 4x1 desktop...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Unity keeps on freezing (stops responding) in Ubuntu 11.10


    I updated to Nvidia 295 drivers (from Nvidia official web site) and it didnt help.

    Then I updated Compiz with this PPA :
    and all is good so...
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    [ubuntu] Re: External NTFS drive permissions

    On Ubuntu Lucid (10.4) the devkit-disks command has been replaced by /usr/bin/udisks
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    [all variants] Blank hdmi external display outside of X

    Hi there.

    It's more a hardware problem than an Ubuntu problem, I think, but maybe there is a workaround.

    I'm using a HP DV7-1145ef laptop with a HDMI output. I'm also using an external display...
  5. Navigation pad on the main keyboard (TouchCursor under Linux)


    I'm trying to do something like TouchCursor does. It uses the spacebar as a meta-key to give access to the navigation keys (and more) from the main keyboard, like Space+L for Right-key (see...
  6. [ubuntu] Gtk accels/hotkeys forgotten/unsaved under Gnome


    I have been using Xubuntu for a long time and lately I installed Unbuntu 8.10.

    I have a problem with gtk accels/hotkeys :
    They are not saved when leaving some applications (Nautilus,...
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