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    Power Management for Mythtv Frontend?

    I'm interested to here how different people manage their standalone frontends?

    I currently have a combined fe/be but looking to setup a standalone frontend, and had a few options queries.

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    Hardware Dilemma

    I posted this on the Mythtv forum, but thought I'd post here as well as I'm using Mythbuntu.

    My current setup is a combined fe/be mythuntu:

    Case: Shuttle SP35P2 Pro
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2...
  3. Setup Hostname instead of IP on local network

    I'm currently playing around with Ubuntu Server setup on VirtualBox, I've been able to install a virtual instance of Ubuntu server without a problem, I've also been able to web content hosted on that...
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    Mythbuntu 14 and taskbar showing

    I've just upgraded to Mythbuntu 14 on my combined fe/be and I seem to have an issue with the taskbar appearing at the top of the screen when the frontend starts. I didn't get a chance to look at this...
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    Lossless Cut - Movie or TV Show

    I'm interested to know if anyone has much experience using Lossless Cut:

    Everytime I reinstall Mythbuntu I have issues trying to setup the...
  6. Re: Mythbackend, tuners in use, and Mythtv user rights.

    I had a similar problem with a fresh Mythbuntu install a few weeks ago, I updated the kernel to the latest version and it resolved the problem.
  7. Re: Anybody know whuzup with the mythTVtalk forum?

    I'm a member on the site and have posted questions on there in the past, but always had better responses when posting here instead of the mythtvtalk forum.

    The site doesn't seem to get updated...
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    Re: Problem with Hauppauge Nova 500

    I've also been using this tv tuner for a number of years and never had an issue, until I did a clean reinstall the other week.

    The problems I had were different to yours, the tuners weren't...
  9. Re: Hauppage Nova T 500 - Not detected in new backend

    Thanks Rob

    I assumed that running femon would be required everytime I wanted to use the cards, not just during setup.

    Will keep you posted how I get on.
  10. Re: Hauppage Nova T 500 - Not detected in new backend

    Ignore my last post, I did a quick search and found this post:

    Read the 4th post and then checked my kernel version I'm on 3.8 not 3.9.

  11. Re: Hauppage Nova T 500 - Not detected in new backend

    Thanks for the help guys, I've posted results below

    Checked the permissions below:

    /dev/dvb/adapter0:total 0
    crw-rw----+ 1 root root 212, 0 Feb 26 23:11 demux0
    crw-rw----+ 1 root root 212,...
  12. [Solved] Hauppage Nova T 500 - Not detected in new backend

    Hi all, I've been working on migrating my mythbuntu setup to a new PC, everything was going well until I noticed an issue with the capture cards.

    Basically, I've pulled the old tv card from my old...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Help with database back up

    What command are you running when restoring the database? Copy and paste exactly what you used.

    In the past when I have restored the database I also entered the directory and filename to make sure...
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    Storage Groups setup

    I've finally gotten around to buying an extra HDD and thought it might be a good idea to look at using Storage Groups instead of my previous approach.

    Originally I had two HDD, I partitioned one...
  15. Re: $500 to burn on new frontend - best bang for buck?

    Definitely interested to hear the advice on this as I'm looking for a new frontend.

    At the moment I'm leaning towards a Zotac Zbox I42 instead of the NUC.

    The zbox is fairly small so I can...
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    Re: mini itx combined frontend/backend

    The cabinet is not enclosed so hopefully that won't be a problem, I think the case can hold 3 3.5" Hdd if a mitx mono is used. The two issues are the price and finding a mini its mono that can be...
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    mini itx combined frontend/backend

    I'm looking to rebuild my current combined frontend/backend and squeeze the finished case into a small compartment under my TV. I've found a great case which is quite pricey but it looks like it will...
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