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    Re: Microsoft contributes to Linux Kernel

    Similarly, Patrick Stewart, whilst a good actor, is not necessarily the greatest actor in the world, which makes him a fraud. :P

    Not exactly.

    As far as I can work out, MS's contributions are...
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    Re: What is your view on flash

    Except that on Windows, Flash for Internet Explorer is delivered as an ActiveX plugin.

    Just sayin'.
  3. Re: OSX Lion - How to distribute an upgrade

    True. Note that Apple are intending to sell a USB stick installer for Lion, though, and that they have said that users with a slow net connection are welcome to take their machine to an Apple store...
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    Re: Ubuntu For Programmers

    Ubuntu for Programmers would be like a toolbox for people who want to use screwdrivers.

    Make of that what you will.
  5. Re: MS Channeling Ubuntu's Artwork in Windows 8

    Oh my GOD! It's as if a shopping bag icon was somehow synonymous with a "store"!

    A heresy! Blatant theft from Microsoft! Bring out the DMCA claims! Send in the cease-and-desist letters! Wheel out...
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    Re: What can Windows do that Linux can't?

    Yes, with an appropriate compatibility layer.

    Yes, with an appropriate comaptibility layer.
  7. Re: Ubuntu 11.04 May Default To Classic GNOME Desktop ?


    If it did, it'd be one hell of a FFe.
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    Re: Nokia and Microsoft form partnership

    Um... yeah. About that...

    Although the thought of MS writing a Linux client to sync with WP7 is outlandish, of course. To my knowledge, Nokia have never written any despite their support for Qt:...
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    Re: Mac app store opens today 1/6/2011

    No, because the App Store is not the only way of getting programs on to a Mac.
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    Re: Mac app store opens today 1/6/2011

    Yes, because it's not like they've thought to liaise with software developers, impose restrictions on what APIs can be used in apps distributed via Apple's repositories to ensure software...
  11. Re: bib bang theory under attack due to baffling discovery

    Try telling that to the theory of gravity.

    Theory means "well-substantiated explanation with evidence to back it up." Something postulated to fill a stop-gap, which has yet to be tested for...
  12. Poll: Re: It's almost 2011, how do you think the year has been for FLOSS?

    In before someone else (because somebody had to):

    "2011 will be the year of the Linux desktop!" :P
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    Re: Ubuntu vs. Mac OS X

    root is already disabled by default on OS X, and sudo is most certainly in use. (Privilege elevation is required when unlocking the Users preferences panel, for example.)

    The bottom line is: keep...
  14. Re: Who else is pissed off at CFL bulbs besides me?

    Not true.

    CFL bulbs work fine, provided:
    your electricity supply is good
    they're installed properly
    they are of good quality (plenty of reputable brands do them for a tiny outlay, and they...
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    Poll: Re: Open Office vs. MS Office

    Two (albeit late) thoughts.

    People don't like change, no matter if it's for better or for worse. Many people are still furious about Ubuntu having moved the window controls to the left by...
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    Re: Apple making big announcement tomorrow

    It's been possible for the computer since inception: given the new streaming Apple TV, you actually need a computer (or an iPod/Phone/Pad) to host an HD movie for the STB to play it.

    Rumours are...
  17. Re: Is having an IPHONE really expensive each month?

    Market share means nothing with regards to cost and quality. Let's not forget that Windows XP is still the world's most popular operating system. And Symbian was never exactly a bastion of quality.
  18. Re: Apple discontinues XServer -- I didn't see that coming --

    It's the XServe, not Mac OS X's X server. OS X's is alive and well.

    Apple's XServe line of servers, on the other hand, is for the chop: presumably because for the majority of their...
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    Re: Apple announces App Store for MacOS X


    It's like a video shop not selling hardcore pornography. In the iPhone's case, yes, the censorship argument has grounds as it's the only sanctioned way of getting apps onto the device.

  20. Re: The "finally good" Seven still can't beat XP

    Windows Vista has a technically improved version of Windows XP's codebase, which in turn has a codebase derived from Windows 2000 which in turn came from Windows NT, which is similar to OS/2. Both of...
  21. Re: Microsoft puts out a video to smear OpenOffice

    This is true.

    Yes, of course Microsoft put out this video because they are scared. They stand to lose revenue if people switch to OpenOffice.

    Crying baby aside, however, most of the points are...
  22. Re: is it possible ? to install linux on a Nokia cell phone?

    So does a microwave. So does a vacuum cleaner. So does a car's dashboard.

    Theoretically, yes, it can run Linux. In practice, however, you'd need extensive information about the hardware, spend...
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    Re: Itunes & linux

    It's a shame: there is a definite gap in the market for a touchscreen MP3-player-cum-internet-tablet, la the iPod Touch, running Android.

    The trouble is that the music player software bundled...
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    Re: We are more than 1%

    *puts statistician's hat on*

    Complete nonsense. (The link, that is, not the idea that GNU/Linux desktop market share is >1%.)

    First, where the hell are they getting their numbers from? I'd...
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    Re: Itunes & linux

    Apart from a WebKit-based browser, a full API that isn't based on Flash, a calendar, a clock, a contacts manager, an e-mail app, a notes app, PDF viewing, (more than one) ebook store, a compass, a...
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