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    [ubuntu] Re: Syanptic manager/Update Help

    I was just having the same issue with my laptop, and moving the ttf-lyx.postrm script did the trick.

    silly maintainers and their silly removal script bugs ;)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Skype sound issues with 2.2

    I unfortunately can't help, but I will say I'm having the same issues, plus a few.

    Ever since the update to Skype Beta 2.2, Ive had issues with it randomly dropping audio and/or video during a...
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    Re: Scilab or Octave

    I know this thread started a good while ago, but I'll throw my input in anyway...

    I recently discovered Sage and Scilab and started using both alongside Matlab for doing calculations/plots/etc for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to enable visual effects

    Just to (hopefully) close up this thread, I discovered that my problem, at least, was a bug in the older intel graphics drivers. An update to the newest drivers (via an update to Ubuntu 9.10) has...
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    Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Dial up Modem is not detected !!!!!

    Actually... a better link to follow would be here:

    or more generally:

    I've followed that walk through before to...
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    [all variants] Re: current wireless network in bash script

    did you ever figure this out? I'm currently seeking an answer to the same question... a few of the wireless networks i connect to regularly require constant activity, and if your level of activity...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to enable visual effects

    Me as well.

    I was trying to set up my laptop with some demo-accounts to show off the customization capabilities of linux, and I ran into issues installing a AWN, because compiz couldn't be enabled...
  8. Re: Python code snippet giving an unexpected syntax error: but I can't find the probl

    OMG i Feel like an idiot. Thanks Can+~! That was what I was missing.:KS
  9. Re: Python code snippet giving an unexpected syntax error: but I can't find the probl

    lines 1-48 are just the 2 imports and a huge comment block... here it is though:

    import re
    import xml.sax.handler

    # This code is taken from:
  10. [SOLVED]Python code snippet giving an unexpected error: but I can't find the problem!

    Hey all! I've been experimenting with using Python and XML together in a program I'm writing, but I decided that I wanted to be able to use my XML document as a regular python object. So, before I...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Apache2 per-user webfolder error 403 forbidden

    Thanks for the replies!

    the chown on my home directory was what did it. I figured adding myself to the www-data group would've been enough...guess not. Thanks though!
  12. Re: Python/Glade example program wont display anything

    The main reason I wanted this was so I could try to take as much of the 'generic' code as possible, place it in its own file, then just 'import' it into my new projects, so all I'd have to do is...
  13. Re: Python/Glade example program wont display anything

    Thanks for that! It looks promising. I had actually been trying to build a calculator following a different tutorial, but I've since lost it.

    Additionally, that example appears to be using...
  14. [SOLVED]Python/Glade example program wont display anything

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to break into GUI programming w/ Python, and I'm having issues.

    I've been trying to follow this tutorial: to figure...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution mail filter not working correctly

    I discovered the issue, and have fixed it. Here's the issue:

    I origionaly had my filter set up as:

    Find items:*

    Find items that meet the following conditions:
    [I]Condition - [Mailing...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mass Media, Cowon S9

    I actually just bought an s9 last week, and I*love the thing so far... I haven't had any issues with it so far, and the first thing I*did to it was transfer 18GB of music , pics and videos onto it......
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    [all variants] Re: Looking for a media player

    I know it's a little late, but I use a combination of 2 programs for ripping and managing my music.
    I used to use Amarok, but then they switched to the new version which resulted in...
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    Re: Anyone else still using Epiphany?

    I've actually used epiphany before, because I liked how it integrated with my desktop (and it did seem a bit faster than firefox), but I like my firefox gadgets/addons like mouse gestures, the extra...
  19. [ubuntu] Evolution mail filter not working correctly

    I'm subscribed to a few mailing lists, including ubuntu-users, and after some time, the large amount of mail generated by the list tends to clutter my inbox.

    As such, I*tried to set up a filter...
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    Re: PHP scripting question -

    Thanks! That looks like its working just fine. Greatly appreciated!

    I gotta brush up my PHP...
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    PHP scripting question -

    I somehow accidentally posted this before finishing the title... Im trying to figure out how i could add a date-last-modified stamp to a page, but in a slightly more complicated way than normal.

  22. [ubuntu] Apache2 per-user webfolder error 403 forbidden

    Hey all!

    I'm trying to set up a folder in my home directory that I can use to test out .php webpages before I upload then to the net, but i can never access the folder. no matter what i've done,...
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    Poll: Re: Is empathy ready to replace pidgin

    I'll stick with pidgin.

    If empathy had voice/video support maybe... I agree with others that the interface feels unfinished. It also refused to import 2 of my accounts... an AOL account, and an...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Audio Noise in Ubuntu

    I just wanted to say that I*get absolutely no artifacts/odd noise at all when recording through sound recorder, or audacity, using ubuntu 9.04, 32 & 64 bit, on a laptop or desktop. It may just be an...
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    [SOLVED] Re: dbus and network manager errors!

    After a little hunting, I located the problematic function, in file "/usr/lib/straw/straw/":

    nm_interface = dbus.Interface(proxy_obj, NetworkListener.SERVICE_NAME)

    This is the...
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