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    Poll: Re: Do you love hot sauce/hot peppers?

    Yes, absolutely! I live in San Antonio, Texas. I make a few varieties myself, and every Mexican restaurant in town generally has at least one or two of their own recipes. My personal favorite is a...
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    Poll: Re: Open Computer w/ Ubuntu Linux!!!

    Interesting. Does anyone own one of these machines yet? It would be interesting to try to "triple-boot", OSX, Ubuntu and XP. Would anyone that currently has one be willing to comment on the...
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    Re: Whats your favorite sport > team > star

    NBA Basketball > San Antonio Spurs > Manu Ginobili
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    Re: What is the linux killer app??

    I would say it is the complete package that Linux offers me.. in other words, ALL THE APPS. Just pick a handful.. I can install literally thousands of packages on Ubuntu.. try them.. remove...
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    Poll: Re: Which Version Of Ubuntu Was Your First?

    Warty (4.10), then flirted with Fedora (FC3 or FC4) I think it was back then.. then loaded Hoary (5.04) and have been using Ubuntu ever since... still occasionally playing with another distro or...
  6. Thread: Search Forum

    by wthanna

    Search Forum

    There seems to be a problem with the search feature. I just read a post regarding Hardy Alpha 6. When I search the forum for alpha 6, it gives me nothing.
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    Re: Linux based alternative to MS Exchange?

    Citadel. It can be found at and you can literally be up and running your full featured mail server in MINUTES.. not hours or days. I've been using it for months and have no regrets.
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    Re: Would you use Linux if it was not free?

    Absolutely. If it was the same price as VISTA Ultimate, I would still use it. It is far more secure, scalable, customizable to your hearts content.. The apt-get system is absolutely awesome. The...
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    Poll: Re: How many use Ubuntu rather than Tweak it?

    This poll needs more options and as a result will not give a clear picture of what most of us here "do" with our computers.

    Other than the need for QuickBooks Premier Accountants Edition, which I...
  10. Re: For all you Gubers(the unofficial word for Gnome/Ubuntu users)why do you choose G

    I like trying all of the desktop environments from time to time... I tend to stick with gnome as the main one, as it "just works" for me and all that I need it to do.. KDE is nice but the whole...
  11. Thread: Favourite beer

    by wthanna

    Re: Favourite beer

    I agree with the last post.. There is nothing better than a beer you've brewed yourself.. It's like trying to compare Grandma's homemade apple pie to something you got from the frozen food section...
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    Re: Ubuntu Totally Spooked My Wife

    ..for those who didn't get the Unix joke....

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A eunuch is a castrated man; the term usually refers to those castrated in order to perform a specific social...
  13. Thread: U Bun Tu?

    by wthanna

    Re: U Bun Tu?

    Funny! ..however, as a reminder to our forum visitors......

    Ubuntu's parent company, Canonical, says: "Ubuntu, an African word from Zulu and Xhosa, is pronounced 'oo-BOON-too.'"
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    Re: Anybody starting losing interest in PC games?

    haha...... wife must have walked in, mid-post :lolflag:
  15. Re: What has your experience been with Ubuntu on your laptop(s)?

    I have Ubuntu Dapper Drake ( 6.06 ) running on a Dell Inspiron 8100 1.2Ghz with 256MB RAM. Let me tell you what this "old" "underpowered" ... at least by current "Windoze" standards, little beauty...
  16. Re: We will get CNR!

    I would just like to point out that this is already a DONE DEAL! CNR is going to be released and available for Ubuntu. If you don't like it, then don't use it.. but it is absolutely on it's way to...
  17. Re: We will get CNR!

    Choice is good. If you don't like it, then don't use it. Legal codecs are the only way you will get Linux in to businesses that need multimedia. Don't get on the bandwagon of trying to restrict...
  18. Poll: Re: Now that Automatix has left, should Easy Ubuntu be the official forum recommendat

    I highly recomend Automatix.. Regardless of whether you "know what you're doing" or not.. Some of us do many installs, and a script that saves time, as this one greatly does is much appreciated.. ...
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    362 - Ubuntu Linux Review,2933,204637,00.html

    ..more exposure for your favorite distro!
  20. Re: Simple tasks that should mean zero fuss to do?

    ? I'm not sure where you are coming from with regard to email.. Evolution is very similar to Outlook with regard to setting it up and using it.. You setup your email servers and user info. and then...
  21. Re: Ubuntu "Christian Edition" Need Server Space!

    I love the idea and will do whatever I can to support it including keeping the torrent active. Have you thought of doing this in a project similar to "automatix" ? People could download something...
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    Re: Are you baking or turning blue?

    Hot Hot Hot! 102 degrees F. at my home in Texas, yesterday.. expect similar today.. We are fairly used to that here this time of year, though..

    updated: It's 96 degrees F. right now at 1:20 PM....
  23. Re: OpenSource NTFS support experimental.Commercial software already ahead?How can it

    Hmm.. In dapper, using gparted, I created a 40GB FAT32 Partition. I booted back into XP and backed up several GB worth of data to it from a mixed network environment (ext3, NTFS, FAT32). I have...
  24. Poll: Re: Did you like the Latest Threads entry on the home page?

    I liked it, but for a more complete list, I still find myself clicking "Search" , "Find Todays Posts" when I first log in to the forums.. I do this every few minutes when logged in, to keep up with...
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    Re: Ubuntu release time?

    Are they hinting at a new release name here... maybe Pretty Pony? :mrgreen:
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