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    [SOLVED] Re: What's the best way to rip CDs?

    No its not in apt or the software center anymore, unless you have some 3rd party source in your apt or something. Grip is unfortunately no longer distributed through normal Ubuntu repositories. I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Intel 965 video card. Drivers aren't working?

    Thank you very much for posting this workaround. I didn't know you could do that and now I can at least USE blender on the laptops I have with an Intel card.

    What is weird is that I just upgraded...
  3. Re: Neverwinter Nights resolution problems on dualhead setup

    YEAH! Shortly after I posted this message I thought of just searching for "nwn twinview" on google and low and behold I came across the answer here.

    It wasn't quite that simple for me, but after...
  4. Neverwinter Nights resolution problems on dualhead setup (SOLVED)

    I've been having this problem with Neverwinter Nights for a long time and on Ubuntu as well as Gentoo and its probably a bug in or with NWN. I have a dual head setup. When I load NWN in full...
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    Re: HOWTO: Installing Neverwinter Nights Platinum

    Actually, going only by what is in this howto and the script I downloaded today for use with the Diamond edition, I end up with the following error when I run through the script:

    -e Testing for...
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