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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How can I detect if anyone ever copied my files?

    It probably means that people would like to know if this was possible. Personally I think it would be cool if ubuntu was able to track this, however on that note: I don't know.
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    [ubuntu] revert to default resolution????

    OK, so my nvidia drivers were being messy so I tried to update them. Sure enough, just my luck, this made it worse and I had to go into "low graphics mode" on Ubuntu. This mode is in a really high...
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    [ubuntu] Re: no rule to make target kernel/bounds.c

    Thank you. This helped me with the same problem.
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    [ubuntu] Re: cant access google!

    Maybe this is really far off from anything that could technically be considered "help", but what if you tried setting your IP to Static, and therefore your DNS to your gateway address.

    so IP =...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Add shortcut to desktop for Songbird/ other related apps?


    This will help me a lot.
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    [ubuntu] Re: WTF Transmission!?!?

    You make a very valid point. haha. I guess back then I was what some like to call a "noob". Although, for the most part, when it comes to linux I probably still fall under that category. Either way,...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Flash in web broswer affects gameplay. (Gridwars)

    awesome thanks. this fixed both issues, sound and the fact it terminated without reason (which I learned was because of the sound drivers as well.)
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    [ubuntu] DVD Playback colour is off/messed up.

    I have got dvd playback working on ubuntu 8.10, but now quality (more specifically COLOUR) is messed up. See the attachment. I'm running it in 32 bit ubntu 8.10 on totem-xine.

    Any suggestions to...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Can't figure out how to get a certain effect.

    I never gamed in windows, but surprisingly I'm becoming more of a gamer in linux now that everything is so easy to install. It's free, easy and just SO responsive.

    The one I've become addicted to...
  10. [ubuntu] Flash in web broswer affects gameplay. (Gridwars)

    After much troubleshooting, I have pinpointed the reason to many of my gaming issues. When I play GridWars in ubuntu, and if I have flash in my browser doing anything, then it will block sound from...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Trouble with AR5413 (Atheros) Card

    I know this is going to sound kinda rude, but have you tried ndiswrapper?
  12. [ubuntu] Run Python (.py) file when Pidgin (IM) loads.

    I have a small script written (not by me) in python, and it works great when I run it in terminal, side by side with pidgin running. The script grabs the status in pidgin, and sets my twitter to the...
  13. [ubuntu] Add shortcut to desktop for Songbird/ other related apps?

    I downloaded Songbird, and you can extract the tarball, and then simply click the file called songbird to open songbird. This is the case for other applications I have as well (BlueJ for example). I...
  14. [ubuntu] [RESOLVED]: Run a command at startup in root? Turn wireless networks on?

    Thank you for such a quick reply. Nice to be able to get that out of the way before I lay down for the night.

    I used the first method, putting it in /etc/rc.local and it worked like a charm!...
  15. [ubuntu] Run a command at startup in root? Turn wireless networks on?

    I recently got my wireless adapter to finally work. And to initilize the driver and get the "Wireless Networks" thing to turn on, I had to run a command:

    sudo insmod rt2870sta.ko

    Do you know...
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    [all variants] Re: Install linux drivers for ralink rt2870

    I am forever in your debt!

    Worked perfectly!! :D :D :D
  17. [ubuntu] Alsa playback is messed! Audacity problem!

    I can playback sounds from youtube and pidgin etc... but when I go to record something in audacity i can see the waves going up and down so it's picking up sounds, but when i go to play it back, it...
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    [ubuntu] Amarok alternative? (Database support)

    I'm looking for an Amarok music library manager alternative that supports a database, because I have a extensive, and ever growing library of songs (80,000+) and I need something that can smoothly...
  19. [ubuntu] Amarok doesn't build postgresql database.

    My amarok, using 8.10, doesn't build postgresql databases and i don't want to use something else because postgresql is the fastest. even when i see the status bar moving down below, it never actually...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Why are Belkin routers so temperamental in Ubuntu?

    Is it only ubuntu that these belkin routers act up?... although i hear you loud and clear cause i have a Belkin router and its a peice of crap! and by p.o.c i mean i've had many issues with firewalls...
  21. [ubuntu] is this a ndiswrapper problem or ubuntu?

    I use ndiswrapper with my Broadcom wireless card on my hp dv6000 laptop. I have ubuntu 8.04 installed. my wireless card successfully connects to the internet, but whenever i try connecting to a P2P...
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    [ubuntu] is there anything like this?

    i was wondering if there was some sort of setting that when i open a folder directory or program, it checks the status of that program/directory to see if it is already open, and if so it would warn...
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    [ubuntu] Re: no response after screen shuts off

    ok your tip kinda helped in that is, when the screen is not responding, i make it GO into sleep ('fn button' + F5) and then press enter, it will put it into sleep, immediatly bring it out of sleep,...
  24. [ubuntu] torrents make wireless card not work/respond

    Whenever I run my torrent client to download files, it will work for some time (10 minutes or so) before I notice a sudden loss of network activity. No upload/No download. The wireless network...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WTF Transmission!?!?

    That's strange that it didn't affect the old torrents even after a restart of the application. but i switched torrent clients so my problem no longer exists.
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