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    Re: Where are downloaded files stored?

    I believe it's the reverse: OO moves slower, so if you're used to it... ;-) But ok, in Linux it's the voyage that counts, not the destination.
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    Re: Where are downloaded files stored?

    Standard that's in the Download directory in you Home directory. To make that understandable next to /etc there is a /home and under that is a directory with your username, and that directory is...
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    Re: How do I change my username?

    I am that same person and I'm trying to resolve the problem so

    is rather frustrating...
    Now, as you noticed I'm able to log in from both sides so I probably could login via my skynet / jdeca57...
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    How do I change my username?

    Some time ago, the first time I used the new login, I checked my name and not an alias like jdeca57. There was also a matter of a duplicate e-mail, but that seems solved. I want to use the alias but...
  5. Re: Trouble with shutdown and restarts
    with other words in a terminal does

    sudo shutdown -h now
  6. [ubuntu] Re: I am not able to use Dropbox > error Trouble connecting to Dropbox servers.

    This is what Dropbox itself says about the way the connection is made : and that means that if you can surf, especially hhtps like this link, you should be able to...
  7. Re: Hi from a Linux n00b - exploring ubuntu and terminal commands.

    There is one thing anyone starting linux and who wants to explore the terminal must know: the midnight commander.

    sudo apt-get install mc
    It's a usefull program based on the interface of the...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: My Ubuntu 13.04 just hangs up - dont know why

    Buy an 8 GB usb stick, better, buy 2 of them. Copy (somewhat less than) 8GB of your foto's to the disks, the second is a backup, and delete them from the hard disk of the computer. Alternative -...
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    Re: Which distro would work best?

    The question is why doesn't audio/video work? And what doesn't work? If you can't play a dvd or an mp3 it may have to do with codecs and that's probably the cause because here is what I find on...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Root has taken over my 1tb hard drive (I don't know how else to explain it, hones

    That's bad, because that means the drive is formatted with loss of data but most probably usable from the Ubuntu side. Perhaps - probably - it is mounted or in use and that's the reason why you can't...
  11. Re: New to Ubuntu, trouble with wired connection

    What's the problem with the wired connection?
    seems to indicate there that possibility, but of course, if you don't have a wired connection...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Root has taken over my 1tb hard drive (I don't know how else to explain it, hones

    Ok. look at this in order to understand gparted:
    Now, I don't know what version of Ubuntu you...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Computer reboots by itself - Ubuntu 12.04

    So a dual-boot system where you installed multiple OS (more or less the same kind) works perfect under W7 but not under any Ubuntu-like OS and at the same time your're certain that Ubuntu 13.04 can...
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    Re: How was it tested?

    There are a few reasons why Linux hasn't made it to the desktop but they have little to do with temporary bugs in a rolling distribution. Think about the fact that computers are preloaded with...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Deluge crashes constantly

    If disk space would be the cause then it's as easy as opening a terminal. Two letters: df and then hit the enter. That should give an answer. Did you try transmission (the default on 12.04) and what...
  16. Poll: Re: Poll on performance of Unity on your machine

    On my computer, 12.04 works like a charm and 13.10 is so slow I'm considering to remove it. Dual-boot, identical hardware. I guess the latest editions push the graphical performance to the limit. And...
  17. Re: Ubuntu will not boot with USB drive inserted

    You *could* change the boot order in bios so that the hard disk always goes first and that solves the problem but why a usb key hangs the system puzzles me also, unless there was an earlier OS on it,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cloud : good or bad?

    I've just spent some time installing owncloud. It's open source and if you have a spare PC with some free space you just have some of the advantages of the coud and absolute privacy. The net may...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Adware trouble

    I tried and it redirects to wwws? Anyhow, no sound or pop-ups but my default browser is chromium. So I tried the site with Firefox (no adblock or...
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    [ubuntu] Re: New to UBUNTU

    HP indicates that a printer driver exists: and that 13.10 is supported so go to that page and follow...
  21. Re: Something is not right with Ubuntu 13.10

    I know that and I don't have any problems. (mostly because I stayed with 12.04, the first choice if one wants to download desktop ubuntu, but also in the 13.10 I tested)

    My reaction came because I...
  22. Re: Explain me like I'm five: what are GNOME and KDE?

    No, because that's not included in KDE or Gnome. But then again, if you want the easiest answer, they are all the same. Under all, the same Linux kernel and the same GNU. And with libraries (who...
  23. Re: Something is not right with Ubuntu 13.10

    What you're saying is correct... for developpers. But Ubuntu has little or no meaning if it can't be used by... users. And users want to use a reasonably stable system. Not much, but a clock should...
  24. Re: Something is not right with Ubuntu 13.10

    Sorry for a late reply:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Connecting to internet

    Actually the good news is that the driver for rtl8192cu exists and the bad news is that solutions like are not exactly meant...
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