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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ghost panel showing on top of screen when playing full screen video.

    Same issue here as well. Running a Dell laptop with Intel graphics on Ubuntu 13.04. Not sure where to begin... Mplayer and VLC both has the same issue. Making youtube videos full screen starts the...
  2. Re: Mythbuntu 11.04 Upgrade - HD5500 Tuner now Spotty

    Thank you very much for your suggestions. I will check them off the list as soon as I find time.
  3. Mythbuntu 11.04 Upgrade - HD5500 Tuner now Spotty

    After upgrading from Mythbuntu 10.10(which had issues that 11.04 fixed) to Mythbuntu 11.04, my PCHDTV card's recording quality took a turn for the worst. The HD5500 still works for my QAM/local HD...
  4. Re: Mythbuntu 11.04 SPDIF Toslink Sound Drops Out

    I will give it a try and let you know.(The cable was from a buddy, so I don't know how it was treated.)
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    Re: Mythbuntu 11.04 Upgrade Fail

    I've never used my HD5500 for analog. I do use it for QAM though. I too had mythbuntu 10.10, however, I had several other issues that upgrading to 11.04 fixed.
    My HD5500 still works for my...
  6. Mythbuntu 11.04 SPDIF Toslink Sound Drops Out

    I have found many instances of this issue with various past, versions of MythTV. I haven't yet found any post to version 11.04 of Mythbuntu yet.
    I have tried every version of sound card and...
  7. Sticky: Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    Perfect integration of an old 1970s Zenith Console stereo system(still works) and Mythbuntu 11.04. Summed up all the basics in a youtube video.
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    Re: lirc double keystrokes after 11.04 upgrade

    I've tried the previous fix of adding the line to "/etc/rc.local" which did fix it unless I restarted lirc after the system was running. Also, I couldn't seem to add any irexec or irxevent files to...
  9. Re: Need help with RNG-150 with firewire: great video, no channel changing

    I became tired of the issue with this box so I brought my RNG-150 to the Comcast store and told them I needed a different brand and they gave me a Scientific Atlanta SA3250HD (I know Scientific...
  10. Mythbuntu 11.04 HD PVR Green Image - Not starting

    I've just upgraded my Mythbuntu from 10.10 (hated every minute of it) to 11.04 (loved every second of it... at first).

    Back Story:
    I have an HD PVR to get all my cable channels. I was using a...
  11. Re: Need help with RNG-150 with firewire: great video, no channel changing

    Could anyone give me some direction to figuring/testing this one out on my own? If a new "code" has to be written to communicate via firewire with the Xfinity RNG-150, we should make sure on/off...
  12. Re: Need help with RNG-150 with firewire: great video, no channel changing

    Its been a while since I've checked on this post. I'm very sorry to hear so many people suffering from this Xfinity firmware upgrade.

    I'm still manually tuning my STB because after installing and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Firewire: Can't capture video with 10.10

    I can't seem to make any progress on this either. I even have a Ti firewire chipset.

    lspci | grep 1394
    07:05.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments TSB43AB23 IEEE-1394a-2000 Controller...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Webcam works with Cheese, but not with Skype

    Worked great for me too on 11.04. Put the script in my home folder under a hidden directory and edited the skype launcher in the menu editor to point to that file. I had to re-associate the Skype...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: How can i make rhythmbox music player as a default player inside my ubuntu 11.04

    I've installed Rythmbox with no issues, however, the ubuntu one music store plugin is not available. I have the music store in Banshee but I need it in Rhythmbox.
  16. Thread: Unity freeze

    by Nausser

    [ubuntu] Re: Unity freeze

    I have a similar issue on two different laptops running 11.04 with the Unity desktop. The first is an HP netbook with a clean install. The second is my own laptop which is an Acer that I've been...
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    Re: NEW -- mythchanger firewire channel changer

    Please see post number 6 on the following link for current complications with Xfinity upgrade. Same Cisco RNG-150, however, now my firewire control has died.
  18. Re: Need help with RNG-150 with firewire: great video, no channel changing

    I too have the Cisco RNG-150. I have been using this box for well over a year with MythTV. I have an HDPVR connected and use the firewire connection to change the channels. A couple days ago the box...
  19. Re: Help with HD-PVR, External Channel Change Script not called properly.

    Still working fine, however, I have an issue of my cablebox turning itself off every few weeks or so. Myth doesn't seem to know that the box is off even though I believe it should via the firewire...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Building v4l-dvb drivers

    This worked out for me. Jut have to watch that FireDTV option in the .config file as explained.

    I do have to re-compile/install this each time I have a kernel update though. Very frustrating. If...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 system crash when playing videos

    Me too. Same problem with video immediately turning my screen black and flashing some text over the entire screen and then locking up. I've tried this with a couple different videos using Movie...
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    Re: lirc - kernel modules not loading

    This guide got my lirc starting OK however, I do not have a "/dev/ir" device. I do have a "/dev/lircd" but adding that to "/etc/lirc/hardware.conf" did not help. I can now run irw but I still have...
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    [SOLVED] Re: HD-PVR Problems 10.04 (not making /dev/videoX)

    Unfortunately for me, these did not work.

    I've tried "make clean, make and sudo make install" all with no luck. The entire time my HDPVR was working, lirc was not working either. I don't know for...
  24. Re: Help with HD-PVR, External Channel Change Script not called properly.

    okay. thanks.
    I will give it a try and let you know if I pull out on top.

    UPDATE: I've got it all working perfectly! Thank you very much.

    As a note for others, I have a Cicso RNG150 and use...
  25. Re: Help with HD-PVR, External Channel Change Script not called properly.

    How do I install mythchanger in MythTV version .24? I tried to install the package, however, it is not available. I would think it would come by default by now.

    Secondly, if version .24 of myth...
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