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  1. [kubuntu] Re: 9.04 installed, but keyboard/mouse not recognised?

    Just as an update, I've done a full reinstall but unfortunately the same thing is happening :(
  2. [kubuntu] 9.04 installed, but keyboard/mouse not recognised?

    Hi all,

    I finally got around to installing 9.04 on my machine over the top of my existing (god, it was probably 7.something) kubuntu installation.

    The initial install hit a snag with a GRUB...
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    Re: The reason a mac still tempts me

    Like I say in this thread, marketing on the whole really annoys me... but it's not just marketing either, it's the way people react to it.

    If somebody says "buy X because it's cool, and it has...
  4. Re: classic case of arrogant ubuntu/open source developers.

    What absolute rubbish. I deal with people like this at my helpdesk job everyday, and I hardly expect to see it here. The developers are simply trying to help you, and you refuse to follow their...
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    Re: Konqueror vs. Firefox - your take?

    press F9 to get rid of that sidebar.
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    Re: Kubuntu Theme Team

    Hahaha. I like both the statement and the answer.

    "That's not linux!"
    No, it's not, linux is a kernel, a base install and is text based :)

    "linux isnt that bad is it?"
    Of course not, but you...
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    Re: HOW TO: Install and configure lm-sensors

    Sorry for listing yet another strange problem, but i set everything up, it worked beautifully and i got a lovely output of results when running sensors from console... But then upon rebooting I got a...
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