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  1. [gnome] Re: Evolution + Gmail SMTP = can't send email

    The above didn't work for me. I had similar problem - can send plain emails via (with above configuration), yet can't send emails with attachments.

    What worked for me:
    - TLS...
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    Re: Howto: Install and configure Pekwm

    If you did everything right and can't login to the PekWM environment, i.e. after login you get the message "No Exec line in the session file: Pekwm.", here's the tip (took me half a day to figure...
  3. Re: How to: Set up Gmail with Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail, Evolution, and Kmail

    Figured it out by trial-n-error: for Gmail send-mail to work in Evolution, the following should be used under account's configuration "sending mail":

    Server type: SMTP
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