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    [ubuntu] What happened to all my program icons?

    Hi all,

    shut down my machine last night and when I booted this afternoon, Unity had reset all my programs to just the default set - WTF???

    where does unity keep it's app list and how do I roll...
  2. [all variants] side by side upgrade - copying APT repository?

    Hi All,

    I'm wondering how much of my currently installed packages I can transfer to a new system...

    what I have in mind.

    I have a HDD split in two. I have 10.4 on one half (/dev/sda6) - my...
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    [ubuntu] Re: SETENV and profiles/.cshrc etc

    thanks - just the answer I needed...

    also found this shortly after posting...

    next question - is set acting weird in my example??
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    [ubuntu] Re: keep the screen after quitting vi

    this may help with setting the appropriate variables...
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    [ubuntu] 'set' is strange - script breaks out?

    set has very strange output... - first 200 lines

    notice at line 81 it goes rather strange - this goes on for another 9000 odd lines and looks like the set script is broken out and cat-ing to the...
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    [ubuntu] SETENV and profiles/.cshrc etc

    hi folks,

    OK, so a little digging later I found this...

    which answers most of my question - but it still leave the issue of 'set'...
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    [ubuntu] Re: keep the screen after quitting vi

    first off - the folks saying "use nano" have no understanding of history - next they will be telling you how great emacs is or something....

    I have the same issue with man pages...

    so far I...
  8. [ubuntu] setting gid and uid for internal and external ntfs drives

    Hi folks,

    where/how can I set the gid and uid for attached ntfs drives?

    I know I can set the gid and uid using mount, ntfs-3g or via /etc/fstab (it's one of the ntfs-3g options)

    but how do I...
  9. [ubuntu] ntfs mounts listed as root:root, all files, can't change

    Hi all,

    I had a system crash yesterday. On reboot, my ntfs mount refused to stream media... I had a look at the shared drive permissions (was using samba) and the drive was owned and grouped...
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