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  1. Re: How do I change CPU speed on EEE pc 901?

    I've tried that too and it didn't work. I installed the eee-control jaunty version from the website, but after a reboot it says there's an error communicating with the eee-control-daemon. The daemon...
  2. How do I change CPU speed on EEE pc 901?

    I'm using Jaunty Ubuntu Netbook Remix on an Asus EEE PC 901. It has a 1.6GHz N270 Intel Atom processor.

    I can't get Ubuntu to control the CPU frequency scaling function.

    In the default Xandros...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Netbook Remix IMG to ISO ??

    On windows you can use the freeware program ImgBurn. That'll pretty much burn every image format known to man onto an optical disc.
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    [ubuntu] Re: snd_hda_intel options database

    HP Pavilion tx1410us works with model=3stack-dig
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    [all variants] Re: Helpful Hints for a tx1000 (mark II)

    I helped a friend setup Intrepid Ibex on a tx1410us laptop and had trouble getting the sound working. Using the "3stack" model name in alsa got the speakers working, but not the headphone jacks and...
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