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  1. [SOLVED] Re: how to change the name of a mounted partition in Dash?

    I believe you can use "Disk Utility" if you prefer a GUI !
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    [ubuntu] Re: Doubt: Same folder name in TRASH

    say you have made 3 "untitled" folders in the past, and throw them in the the trash, yes you can have all 3 same name in the trash, Trash is not an active system folder ! it is static, I believe...
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    [kde] Re: Desktop environment

    I use Debian based SolusOS They implement the Consort desktop that mimics Gnome2,
  4. Re: Any chance of a Ubuntu MATE remix coming out?

    Give SolusOS a try ! Much better (IMHO) than Mate ! It is Debian based and very stable, They use the Consort desktop, Looks and feels and acts like Gnome2 I have both of there releases installed and...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Any way to get wobbly, cube and all good old animations back ????

    Oh Ya ! Google is your friend !
    And As an added precaution, for when compiz crashes!!! . . . . . . . . and it...
  6. Re: Unable to Login with GUI. Coloured lines\bars

    Driver issue !
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    Re: Oz Unity-OzRedux64-Onyx64

    Very nice ! Thanks from JOHNNYG and everyone at UltimateEditionOZ !! :D
  8. Re: When does 10.04 LTS DESKTOP Support Stop?

    The LTS version of Ubuntu 10.04 is supported for three years for desktop releases and five years for server releases; from Ubuntu 12.04 onwards, LTS support will be for five years on both desktop...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Setting ElectricSheep as an animated desktop background

    IMHO The new Compiz is waaay to unstable to use for drawing an an animated back ground ! I use xwinrap, just pull out a sheep you like from .electricsheep in your home folder, put it some place like...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Turn off "Mute All"

    we need some more info, what type of Rigg, what release are you running, ya know something to work with !
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    Re: Compiz Config settings have no effect

    How bout some spec's please ! cant help ya if we dont know what we are working with ! :confused:
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with 3D cube usuing CompizConfig

    Open CCSM go to "Rotate Cube" try setting "zoom" to a higher number, that will take your cube further back.
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    [lubuntu] Re: Can Unity be installed alongside LXDE?

    It can be done, (with some work) if you can run compiz, but if you can run compiz, why not just run Ubuntu?, you can still run ubuntu in 2D mode if unable to run unity (compiz), If you want to keep...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Certain compiz effects in metacity - possible?

    merlwiz79 is the only ppa I have found that has all e17 modules and works with natty through Quantel, even though it is a natty ppa, he does maintain it to insure it is still a viable source, please...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to create own distribution?

    starting from scratch, with a ubuntu stock install, install synaptic package manager, open settings,preferences, and untick "consider recommended packages as dependencies", install "bleachbit" to...
  16. Re: Is there a list of applications that can be launched with just a click?

    Why not just open the dash, click applications, show all applications, page through find the ones you want and drag them into the launcher !? and remove from launcher the ones you dont want ! That is...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Certain compiz effects in metacity - possible?

    Sorry about that, my net connection is similar to a piece of string and two tin cans ! Sometimes I cant tell what is going on ! any hoo, I find E17 has a bit of a learning curve, but really good on...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Certain compiz effects in metacity - possible?

    sorry, Double post
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Certain compiz effects in metacity - possible?

    Well there is E17, Enlightenment, that has heavy composting, and if you want more effects like compiz you can add ecomorph to it, by installing E17 with this ppa...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Certain compiz effects in metacity - possible?

    Compiz is compiz, by selecting just a few effects, makes compiz run faster, but still it is what it is, Compiz ! Hee Hee made a funny ! :D Metacity has a composting effect kind of an echo if you...
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    Re: yeah, an other gnome2 fork, and i like it

    I have 2 installs of SolusOS 64 and 32, And find it is very stable, though not ready for prime time just yet, (It is only a year old !) the development team is working very hard to bring back to the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Main problem with Maxtor USB disk

    I take it as an external hard drive, try to install it internally, as a last resort.
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Just down loaded weather indicator and does not work

    I had an issue as well and changed locations, and to yahoo works fine on 12.04 and 10.
    My weather indicator at OMG ubuntu ! Google is your friend ! ;)...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Free beginners tablet

    :D Cool, Thanks ! ):P
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    [SOLVED] Re: Free beginners tablet

    I,ll Take it ! and give it a good home !;)
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