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  1. [ubuntu] upgraded apache 2.2 to 2.4, some sites return 403 error

    I upgraded my install of Ubuntu server from 12.10 to 13.10. After the upgrade I found that my sites configured in apache were not working and with research found that it was due to changes in the...
  2. [xubuntu] upgraded from ubuntu11.04 to 11.10+XFCE, now dell volume buttons only partially work

    I was running Ubuntu 11.04 and upgraded to 11.10 and installed the 'xubuntu' package for XFCE and been logging into the Xubuntu shell. This is on a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, and the volume control...
  3. [ubuntu] ssh key login doesn't work under newly created user

    Hi all,

    I'm running ubuntu server 11.04 and I am unable to login to a new user that I recently created. This is the 1st user that I have created, created using the "adduser" command (so, not...
  4. [all variants] Re: Help finding all .pngs that were modified X time ago, excluding a couple director

    Your example wouldn't work for me (returned all images), but it pointed me in the right direction.

    I tried your example with some modifications of my own and I found that the use of the full path,...
  5. [all variants] [SOLVED]Help finding all .pngs that were modified X time ago, excluding a couple dirs

    I am trying to run a find that will return all .png files that were modified 180 (exact amount/time not critical) minutes ago, excluding all the contents in two directories.

    With the help of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Rhythmbox crashes after update

    I have the exact same issue.

    Finally got Rhythmbox working by disabling the plugin, banshee is still crashing.

    Once other thing I noted is that running as root will not have any issues....
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