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  1. Re: Evolution Sync across a number of PC's

    Thanks papibe and the rest of the gang, i since moved to IMAP with Thunderbird Mail! It was a shame to change from Evolution after so long but after trialling Thunderbird I made the swap...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Alternative to Adobe Captivate

    Thanks for that Nightcreeper - I'll check it out but its more what corel call the HTML-based mLearning content - that is creating web page based lessons which seem to be very easily to create!
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    [ubuntu] Alternative to Adobe Captivate

    Hi folks,

    does anyone know a good free software alternative to Adobe Captivate!? a search is not throwing up much!..

    Thanks for any answers...
  4. Evolution Sync across a number of PC's

    Hi Folks,

    Is it possible to save your evolution inbox (for example to a cloud location like ubuntu one or dropbox) so that if evolution is set up on several computers and accessed from any one of...
  5. Re: chmod question: the "+"at the end of "rwx"

    I did see that in the link about ACL alright...
    But since the permission I'm changing is not for a partition but for a video I did not edit the /etc/fstab file. Not sure if I should still do this......
  6. Re: chmod question: the "+"at the end of "rwx"

    cheers for that - my first one on the forum!

    yeh just checked it again now - your right they do seem to be permanent!

    thanks again!
  7. Re: chmod question: the "+"at the end of "rwx"

    Excellent! Thanks a mil for that Matt! Its finally working now! I've been chipping away on and off trying to get that goin for 3-4 wks now so happy days!..

    There is one thing if I restart those...
  8. Re: chmod question: the "+"at the end of "rwx"

    Thanks for that matt,
    sorry about the late reply its been a busy week!

    I've had a good look at the ACL article and installed it...
    On my laptop which has zoneminder successfully working the...
  9. chmod question: the "+"at the end of "rwx"

    I've almost got zoneminder working and i'm sure its just a case of changing video permissions!..

    I've installed zoneminder on my laptop and also on a server (ubuntu 12.04)...

    zoneminder is...
  10. Re: /etc/fstab file: Successfully added automounting -just to tidy it up now

    Thanks a mil for all that!
  11. Re: /etc/fstab file: Successfully added automounting -just to tidy it up now

    I've since added:


    seem grand so far!
  12. Re: /etc/fstab file: Successfully added automounting -just to tidy it up now

    Great thankyou Plueonic i presume if i put in the following:

    dev/divice /media/movies ntfs nofail,defaults 0 0
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    [SOLVED] Re: calendar

    I would recommend using Evolution mail and calendar, it will work on its own - or you can set up pop settings form a gmail account and use your google calendar.. and it will sync with it - so you...
  14. /etc/fstab file: Successfully added automounting -just to tidy it up now

    Hi Folks,
    In Ubuntu server 12.04 I've edited the /etc/fstab
    this is to have auto mount points for usb hard drives...
    However on start up if one is turned off I get an error! Is it possible to add...
  15. Re: Mounting multiple drives command line

    thanks for that!
  16. Mounting multiple drives command line

    cant seem to mount more than one usb hard drive with command line, I've been mounting one using this command:

    mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mounting/path

    do i need to change sdb1 to sdb2 or look...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server: Internet connection problem

    Bump -any one got any idea about this -no prob if not i won't try again after this bump..
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server: Internet connection problem

    I've since narrowed it down to my editing of the interface file to change the IP address...

    & I tried with values added for broadcast and gateway into this file but to no avail.

    Wonder is it a...
  19. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Server: Internet connection problem

    I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 server at home as a central file storage and it is working ok. The server is connected to the router with a network cable.

    The only issue with it is that the server...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu server 12.04 installation

    V excited about this folks! Its finally working and i've made contact from a windows machine!! I just gotta tweek and up the security a bit etc!!

    At the moment i'm trying to set up access to an...
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    [ubuntu] ubuntu server 12.04 installation

    Have installed ubuntu server 12.04 on a laptop and now i'm trying to connect to it...

    I'm a bit confused about how the server broadcasts to other computers.
    I take it it doesn't use its built in...
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    Re: Help with a Script

    thanks a mil for that -much easier!
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    Help with a Script

    Hi everyone,

    i just started experimenting with shell scripts and using the command line...
    I've realised that command line doesn't like spaces so i'm changing all my file replacing spaces with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Panel Problems 12.04 gnome classic

    Well done prattler -you did it! thats been annoying me for days - cheers for that!
  25. [ubuntu] Change Permissions to allow User access

    I've set up a second administrator user on my laptop which has 12.04 ubuntu dual boot with a shared drive between xp and ubuntu.

    However the new user does not have access to the shared drive and...
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