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    Poll: Re: Do You Actually Like Your Job?

    Where are the "sometimes" and "kind of" options? It's often not just a simple yes or no question. I'm a personal assistant, so my job varies and changes along with the lives of people I assist....
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    Re: Good Bye, Weather Indicator

    Haven't used Weather Indicator in ages. ForecastFox does the job just fine.
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    Re: How many of you have stop using Firefox

    Chromium (or Chrome) + Unity is just the most space-saving option for a small netbook screen, and that's what I use. Also, images from the website of the main newspaper of my country looked pixelated...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: how to decrease power consummed by ubuntu os??

    I use the CPUFreq Indicator panel applet for this, works better on my netbook than Jupiter. Here's some instructions:
  5. Re: How Many People Are Still Using 10.04 Netbook Edition?

    I foolishly upgraded without taking the time to find out about things, and was surprised and disappointed to lose the Netbook Remix. However, I've since learnt to live with Unity. It does indeed suit...
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    [SOLVED] Re: my firefox is spoiled!!

    Have you tried to right-click on the top bar and then select "navigation bar" (or whatever it is in English) from the menu that pops up?
  7. Re: do you upgrade every LTS release or every release? what is your reasoning?

    My 8-year-old ThinkPad runs the current LTS perfectly. I'm afraid that if I upgraded to Unity it might become obsolete, so I'm not going to "fix" it until it "breaks" (i.e. support ends).

  8. Re: Love Ubuntu, Hate Unity, What are my options?

    The Cairo Dock has an optional button called WindowsKiller that works just like the Gnome panel equivalent. There's a nice oldschool menu, too, and other familiar things I'd missed from Gnome. Give...
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    [all variants] Re: Small Ubuntu laptop

    Well, my HP Mini 5101 works perfectly with Ubuntu 11.10 Unity 2D, and the HD screen is only 10 inches. So I guess I would recommend that or its successors.
  10. Re: Do I Need A New PC? Breathing new life into 'old' PCs

    I'm writing this on a 7 year old second-hand IBM T42 ThinkPad that works as well as the day it was bought, running Ububtu 10.04 LTS. I'm not exchanging it until it breaks or becomes obsolete, which I...
  11. Re: Would like to be able to vote up solutions when they are good

    Yes, I too would like to vote for solutions that worked well for me. Right now I would also like to vote for a request that matters to me as well... But as I can't, I instead make this post.;)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Kobo Not Found On Ubuntu

    As I just explained in another thread, I found an answer that works for me. At the user David Egts writes the following:

    "What I...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATIBILITY List.

    Ubuntu 11.10 on HP mini 5101 netbook with 1 gig ram. Strangely, Xubuntu installation crashed every time and attempts to install Xubuntu and Lubuntu desktops from Ubuntu borked the system; Kubuntu...
  14. [lubuntu] Re: Adobe Digital Editions refuses to recognize Nook Color

    A bit late, but I ran into a similar problem with my Cybook Opus and Wine 1.2.2 on Ubuntu 10.04. I found the solution in
    where the...
  15. Re: Do you realise that most of the PC users are unaware of Linux existence

    Perhaps because then they could decide for themselves if they like those things. Did you make the decision to find out about Linux in a complete vacuum of information, without the knowledge that it...
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    Re: have i done a wrong decision

    Shubham1, what do you expect from this thread? What kind of answers are you looking for?
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    Re: Do you believe, or experience, ghost(s)?

    If I did, I would take them to meet James Randi and claim the million dollar prize!
  18. Re: eBooks & Magazines to be offered through Ubuntu Software Center...

    Now if only this extended for fiction too, not just technical stuff! I'm having trouble finding legitimate eBook sites that will a) sell to Finland, and b) not require a non-Linux-compatible program...
  19. Re: New Ubuntu Is Out Lets Hear About What You've To Say

    Unity reminds me of OS X more and more. They look alike, controls on the left side, the top bar isn't very customisable, the menus are rather confusing.

    However, the damn thing does look good and...
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    Re: What is Virtualbox exactly?

    Thank you so much for this!:D
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    Poll: Re: Time for tux to leave

    I much prefer to mark my computers with stickers that say "Save the Penguins!" rather than "Save the robots" or "Save scantily clad anime girls". But that's just me. ;-)
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    Re: Favourite Word Processor?

    Abiword. Simple and fast.
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    Re: I love open source

    You know, wWales, you are a good example of the fact that the tools are less important than the artist who is wielding them. I mean, sure the latest Photoshop and a humongous Intuos4 tablet are good...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Karmic on Thinkpad T42

    I have a very similar T42 too. Karmic fixed the load cycle bug it had had since Hardy. The most annoying issue now is that the network notification "speech bubble" is a garbled black mess and I...
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    Re: How'd you find out about Ubuntu?

    I read about Ubuntu in a small newspaper. It advertised a course aimed at people who were beginners with computers. The goal was to install Ubuntu and learn to use it. I was about to buy a new...
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