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  1. Re: What to do if an admin simply refuses to answer?

    Again, my questions are not addressed there.
    If I'm wrong and they are, please show me where exactly.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Re: What to do if an admin simply refuses to answer?

    Again, I don't think my questions have been addressed in any way, shape or form.

    But if I'm wrong here, why do you refuse to simply show me where I'm wrong?
  3. What to do if an admin simply refuses to answer?

    What am I supposed to do if an admin is simply refusing to answer what I think are relevant questions and instead chooses to abuse his admin powers?

  4. Thread: Next try

    by Ubuntu_User

    Next try

    No you have not, otherwise I wouldn't ask for clarification.
    The threads you linked to did not answer any of the questions I asked. If I'm wrong, please show me where I'm wrong and link to the...
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    Request for clarification

    Though some forum admins do their best to stop any discussion on the subject of "promoting illegal activities", there are still a lot of unanswered question.

    I know that this thread will probably...
  6. Re: Policies regarding promoting illegal activities.

    May I suggest that you also do some research on this?
    After all, as people have pointed out time and time again, calling for something like civil disobedience may well be covered under free speech...
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    Re: What is the next best Linux OS?

    For a desktop I always liked Suse and Fedora. Arch does look very tempting though, but I haven't tried it, so I can't really comment on it.

    Doing a stage 3 install and using GRP packages you...
  8. Re: Policies regarding promoting illegal activities.

    He is questioning the rational behind your forum policies, he never said one shouldn't abide by them.
    So how about at least once addressing the issues he and others have raised here, instead of...
  9. Re: You can't use GPL soft and Linux in the near future! Please read!

    And this answer was moderation at its best.
  10. Re: FSF Announces GNU Gnash - Flash Movie Player

    Using OpenGL doesn't mean that you have to have a 3D accelerated graphics cards. There are software OpenGL implementation that will play nicely even if you don't even have a 3D accelerated graphics...
  11. Re: What do U like least about Ubuntu?

    Well aware of that, what i meant was that this is the kind of thing i've read from one of the ubuntu websites in the past and these forums don't really follow.

    "Ubuntu is entirely committed to the...
  12. Re: What do U like least about Ubuntu?

    The way that they have added ubuntu branding to things that didn't need it, the applications menu, OO.o splash screen, that kind of thing, just make the thing look unprofessional.

    Ubuntu always...
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