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  1. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04.3 Server + Intel RAID + HDS72303 3TB Drive

    also, in response to the above replies:

    I dont know that the GPT partition matters at this point.

    Ubuntu sees the individual drives (/dev/sda,/dev/sdb) as 3TB drives. dmraid sees them as...
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    [ubuntu] Re: GRUB2 + GPT + mdadm/mdraid

    So i'd just like to have a single raid 1 setup on /dev/sda2,/dev/sdb2..

    i made the swap partitions raid1 as well to avoid and manual changes if something fails on the primary drive. from what i...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04.3 Server + Intel RAID + HDS72303 3TB Drive

    for tracking purposes, i'm continuing my long, drawn out, traumatic journey here:
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    [ubuntu] GRUB2 + GPT + mdadm/mdraid

    i'm having a ton of problems getting my system set up. it all basically comes down to getting grub2 to see my raid devices. I can get to a rescue prompt, but after that, nothing

    I booted to a live...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04.3 Server + Intel RAID + HDS72303 3TB Drive

    i've decided to give up. instead i wiped out the fakeraid metadata, set the bios sata settings as ide, and used a MD raid configuration.
  6. [ubuntu] 10.04.3 Server + Intel RAID + HDS72303 3TB Drive

    I'm trying to perform a server installation on a system with 2 3TB Hitachi HDS72303 hard drives configured in a RAID 1 setup.

    Its using the Intel Raid Storage Technology fakeraid.

    Here are...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Bluetooth on 10.04 Doesn't Work

    welp, i fixed it with a fresh install of 10.10.. definitely not what i wanted to do, but i was just to annoyed with ssh'ing in my system to get the keyboard to work (via hidd --connect)
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    [ubuntu] Bluetooth on 10.04 Doesn't Work

    Ok so i have had my bluetooth keyboard and mouse working fine for a little while now, then one day.. seemingly out of the blue (no pun intended) it stopped. heres what i deduced:

    Mouse works fine,...
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    [ubuntu] Howto - Shutdown When Idle - 10.04

    I was looking for an easy way to do this, but apparently gnome's pwr mgmt options dont let you shut the system down after it becomes idle. Here's one work around, let me know if you have a better way...
  10. [ubuntu] FIX - Bluetooth - Broken on Resume - 10.04 - Logitech DiNovo Desktop

    If you're like me, you may have had to make some changes to your udev rules in order to get your precious Logitech DiNovo Edge working accordingly. (see...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse - Paried??

    i got it working:
  12. [ubuntu] Logitech DiNovo Desktop Pairing - hid2hci - 10.04 - Howto

    I have and old(er) logitech dinovo desktop keyboard, mouse and mediapad. i love it! but the problem is that it was always running in hid mode. For those who dont know, your bluetooth input devices...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" on HP 2133 Mini netbook

    thanks for the update, any news on the external vga and fix for the sound? also are you using the via chrome9 drivers?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Theme doesn't always load on login

    same issue here..
  15. [ubuntu] Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse - Paried??

    Hey guys, i'm using a logitech dinovo keyboard/mouse and was trying to figure out if the device is still in boot mode. I don't see the usb hub listed when i hciconfig and i although the udev rules...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Bluetooth PAN configuration

    Ok so i got it working but i think im missing something conceptually about the whole process.

    i think it has to do with pand vs bluetoothd.. as i ponder how this all is supposed to work, heres my...
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    [ubuntu] Bluetooth PAN configuration

    Hey guys, I'm trying to set up a PAN between two laptops to use as a transport for layer 3 communication..

    my problem is that it just doesnt work.

    On the server (GN) side i have (important...
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    [ubuntu] MythTV and XBMC = Errors

    I've had MythTV and XBMC working pretty seamlessly in the past and with my recent upgrade from juanty to karmic i cant seem to get the two to work anymore.

    Specifically it has to do with watching...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Video converter?

    i have to say, i just started using DamnVid, and its freakin awesome. i was having a ton of problems with converting a mkv to avi (sync issues), and it does it without breaking a sweat.. for whatever...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No Sound - "HDA-Intel" "Realtek ALC1200" [SOLVED]

    solved: upgraded to alsa drivers/util/lib/etc 1.0.20
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    [ubuntu] No Sound - "HDA-Intel" "Realtek ALC1200" [SOLVED]

    For whatever reason my sound does not work. im looking to use the audio outputs (analog) from the back of my system. i have 6 plus spidf but im only using two.

    one interesting thing is that my...
  22. [ubuntu] HOWTO: Omnikey Cardman 5321 + Intrepid + rfidiot

    HOWTO: Omnikey Cardman 5321 + Intrepid + rfidiot

    so ya, ubuntu has the pcscd package but it isnt compiled with to use libusb, so if you're using a omnikey cardman 5321, you're out of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 8.10 on an HP 2133 Mini-note: Observations

    ya same here, i thought i saw a post somewhere that said someone was going to upgrade the LaptopTestingTeam/HP2133 with the new xorg.conf, but i dont see any updates and i cant seem to find the post..
  24. [ubuntu] Re: BCM4312 + STA Driver + HP2133 + Intrepid = Latency

    played around with the drivers a bunch, with no fix.

    bought a atheros minipci-express adapter, blacklisted the ath9k (mac80211) drivers, went back to good old madwifi-ng (ath_pci) and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] installing rainbowcrack

    Updated installation howto:
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