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  1. [SOLVED] Re: cable modem for two computers at the same time without router

    if the computer with the cable modem runs linux, it wouldnt be that hard to use an ethernet cable to connect the two, and then setup IPtables to work accordingly. i dont know very much about...
  2. the best cheap graphics card for a media computer

    i have a media computer setup with these specs:
    pentium 4 @ 3.0ghz, with HT
    4GB dual channel DDR 400 mhz RAM
    radeon x300 graphics card
    300w brand-name PSU

    it has a pci express graphics slot.
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    Re: King of the hill!

    i wait about 5 minutes for you to suffocate because you forgot your space suit.

    dawning my space suit, i claim the hill.
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    Re: Post your CTRL+V's

    my ctrl-v is empty.

    but, you just lost the game.
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    Re: What's that scifi film called?


    i have been trying to remember what that movie is for about a year now. finding it in a semi-random post is... awesome.
  6. Thread: Max RAM

    by mr clark25

    [all variants] Re: Max RAM

    answering a couple other questions:

    as jerrys said, the regular 32-bit kernel will only support so much ram. the pae kernel will support far more, and the 64bit kernel does aswell.

    i believe...
  7. Re: Any Ubuntu (Desktop or Server) with > 200 days uptime ?

    i had an old webservver going for a long time... it got up to about 100-150 days a couple times. it never made it much past that, though.
  8. I got a call from an overseas number...

    ...and they told me something along the lines of: "you have a virus on your windows computer that got in through your e-mail." it was in a foreign accent.

    it made me laugh because i havent even...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless is a pain in the butt with dell m1330

    i have a dell xps m1330 aswell. the built in wifi worked out of the box if i remember right, but i might have had to install one of the "recommended drivers" (it was a while ago).

    i am running...
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    Re: Senior prank ideas?

    to boring.
  11. hacking "the system" (mostly not computer related)

    just saw this:

    and was wondering if anyone here might have any similar experiences/stories.

    from the article:
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    [ubuntu] Re: graphics/performance problems

    i should have looked into glxgears first.

    my laptop is a core2 duo with onboard graphics, and it gets just above 60fps... yours should be doing better than that. as to why it is...
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    Re: Do you use a battery backup?

    if you know where to look, you can get a "broken one" that has bad batteries in it for something near (if not) free. wire up a couple of lawn mower batteries to it, and it will work just fine, and it...
  14. Re: Post an image with what is specified in the post above you

    i want to see something ubuntu-related, and preferably innovative.
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    Re: The Off Topic Game

  16. [SOLVED] Re: curl -K command outputs weird symbols instead of downloading URL from file

    curl is working as it should. you just need to either declare an output file, or output it to a file using the ">" character.


    curl -k list.txt > image.jpg

    that will make a file...
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    [ubuntu] Re: graphics/performance problems

    you realize that "running without an issue" and "running at excellent frame rates" are two different things, right?

    btw, 60fps is pretty good, especially for that graphics card. 20-35 fps is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Downgrade of 11.04

    what are these problems? if they are related to the desktop environment, you can revert to the old one as r-senior said. if it is more they are not all desktop environment related, we might still be...
  19. Re: Windows destroyed after Ubuntu installation.

    can you access your files from ubuntu?

    you might have better luck asking on a windows forum about this.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Cannot boot anymore

    you just need to reinstall grub, and everything should work like it should.

    you will need to boot from a live cd to fix your system.

    go here (i think it still works, but no guarantees...):...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help on installation

    just hook it up and see if it works. if not, right click applications in the unity panel
    (defaults to left side of screen), and select system. find "additional drivers" (may need to search for it)...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Amd processor

    you should do some reading on amd and intel. wikipedia is a great place to start. :)
  23. Re: Your next hardware upgrade, when will it happen? (tentatively...)

    I plan on upgrading very soon. (withing the next month) according to some articles i found, amd will be releasing bulldozer very soon. bulldozer is rumored to out perform the phenom II's by 50%.
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    Re: URGENT!! what ıs thıs devıce?

    is it an early SSD prototype? but, it wouldn't make any sense for it to connect using a floppy connector... (or is it a floppy connector?)

    now i want to know what it is....
  25. so, who's accited that amd will be releasing bulldozer within the next 5 days?

    I just found this article, and then i went ahead and edited the wikipedia page.

    from wikipedia:
    CeBIT's website

    XBitLab's article on it. This is the first one i found, then i did some more...
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