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    [all variants] Re: eCryptfs eating up double disk space

    Ya, there is something to fix. I'm using 300MB in my home directory, but in df, my home dir and Private dir are EACH showing 100 GB usage. Applications are failing because of no free space.
  2. Who else wishes you could have the top Unity bar by itself?

    Personally, the only thing I like about Unity is the space-efficient top bar that includes a menu button and the window title/toolbar.

    Ideally, IMO, Ubuntu would have a traditional taskbar and...
  3. Can't right click GNOME panel in Oneiric

    I'm trying to add gnome-panel to my desktop because I want the bottom taskbar/notification area. I saw a tutorial on doing this!

    It requires you to start gnome-panel and right click to edit/remove...
  4. Re: No screen saver configuration option in Oneiric Ocelot

    I can't find screensaver settings or font settings in the control panel.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Mplayer gives "no frame!" error when playing H264

    No. Its main error is

    [h264 @ 0x7f4187913120]AVC: nal size 9793
    [h264 @ 0x7f4187913120]no frame!

    When I play the video using VLC, it seems to work. Note that VLC isn't set up to use VDPAU;...
  6. [ubuntu] Mplayer gives "no frame!" error when playing H264

    ubuntu natty 64 bit with official NVidia drivers. Installed SMPlayer and vdpau-va-driver, set SMPlayer to use vdpau.

    I can't play some ffh264 files. I get a "No frame!" error in the mplayer...
  7. Canonical recommends against using 64-bit Ubuntu

    64-bit Ubuntu Desktop: Not recommended for daily desktop usage

    Really? Is 64-bit that bad? I know what they're doing, I believe: keeping...
  8. Debian installer improvements in Squeeze/Maverick

    I heard rumors that the Debian installer (text based; the one used for alternate/server installs) was getting a major improvement: It would gather all user input before installation like the desktop...
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    Re: New Extras repo is already a dud.

    Ubuntu should not be a rolling release. It would be hard to coordinate another repo made for this purpose, and stable releases certainly should not have rolling software upgrades outside bugfixes.
  10. Empathy buddy status icons have changed color, look terrible

    Color used to be Green (available) Orange (away) Gray (offline).

    Now it's light gray no matter what, with white little icons inside a gray bubble indicating status. It is very hard for someone...
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    Re: Facebook Chat in Empathy not working

    Facebook chat seems broken, and the icons for online buddies has changed for the worse. Now they are not different colors; and you cannot tell status differences without squinting and hovering over a...
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    Re: Perl/Ruby/Python which way?

    Came in to say that perl is not a fun language to look at. The poster complaining that integer division isn't "natural" is a troll, too lazy to type a ".0" for floating point division, and in any...
  13. Re: Bluetooth icon don't dissappear when i cancel it

    The Indicator Applet needs a preferences menu or a right-click-dropdown area where people can choose what eligible icons to show.
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    Re: New Flashplayer!!!

    Much as I'm excited about HTML5 video taking over a lot of Flashy things...

    I wish Ubuntu would use the x64 prerelease of Flash 10 in the repositories, if allowed. I don't care if it's not...
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    Re: Why is aptitude being removed?

    It is odd, considering Debian officially endorses Aptitude over apt-get (which may be out dated, but is still present on their website).
  16. Re: Gcalctool is not good at all in Maverick

    OK, so I did a thorough comparison of the Lucid/Maverick versions, and the new calculator is not so bad.

    It IS, however, less functional, but they're on the right path.

    Big changes:
  17. Gcalctool is not good at all in Maverick

    It has reduced functionality and is not resize-able. Is this intentional as a "development" (regression) of 2.30, or is it the result of not being merged/repackaged/etc. yet?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Guayadeque Music Player Test request

    In Maverick Alpha 1, after successful compile following instructions:

    gaul@galactica-linux:~/guayadeque$ guayadeque
    04:58:42 PM: Deleted stale lock file...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Guayadeque Music Player Test request

    Could you add a "No label" label for tracks that have no label? When I'm trying to sort my library into several separate labels, it's tough to do without this function.
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    Re: Guayadeque Music Player

    Could you add a "No label" label for tracks that have no label? When I'm trying to sort my library into several separate labels, it's tough to do without this function.
  21. Poll: Best for a margarita: Blanco, reposado, or anejo?

    I like my tequila well aged in my margarita, but that's just me. I like the faint taste of the barrel. Vote!
  22. Re: Shuttleworth: No GNOME Shell by default in 10.10

    I wish the question could have been pushed out more long term to ask how the Application Indicator and the rest of the Ayatana project are going to be affected by GNOME 3. AFAIK, GNOME 3 can be used...
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    Poll: Re: Did you see that?

    What song?

    I learned it from a persuasive essay day in my management class. We were learning about the indirect method of communicating.
  24. Re: This is offensive, and extremely unprofessional

    A shiny penny I bet on the fact that this application is in universe, not main, too.
  25. Re: HULU desktop for Ubuntu linux works great

    Funny, I just got an error message from Hulu (when trying to watch Dilbert, haha) saying

    Pfft. More like "No DRM" or something like that. If Youtube and Vimeo can do it, then Hulu COULD if...
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